Roatate Text with Layout Box?


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I draw with the house front at the bottom as usual but the house must be rotated 90 deg to fit on the plan sheet.

In this case the Architect I am dealing with wants the Nort up or near up.

This causes the front of the house to face the left side of the sheet. House rotated 270 deg.
Not wanting to rotate the PLAN I just rotated the Layout Box.
The Door & Window Marks rotate automatically but the Text does not.
Looks like the "Rotate with Plan" checkbox in the Rich Text only applies if you actually rotate the Plan in the Plan File.
Nothing to do with the Layout. Is this the case?

If this was early in the project & would rotate the PLAN geometry.
Currently I have to add text & rotate it 180 deg.

CA View Plan.JPG

CA View Layout.JPG

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Yes I believe that is the case Alan, which is part of the reason I am still putting my text in layout even though I am setup to add it in plan now.   Love to hear if that is not the case and I have missed a setting because it sure makes it difficult to edit that way.

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