Multiple terrains, is it possible?


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I shrink my terrain so that in elevations i see the side of the terrain skirt in elevation, but in my perspective i have to enlarge terrain so it looks right.

I thought i could have multiple terrains on different layers to achieve this but it does not allow this.


Any thoughts on how best to achieve this?

elevation with large terrain.jpg

elevation with small terrain.jpg

perspective view with large terrain.jpg

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3 things:


  • Multiple terrains are possible if you convert one of them to a symbol.  Of course one of them wouldn't be a real terrain but it might work for what you're trying to accomplish.
  • You don't have to resize your terrain.  You can just pull your camera back if you want.
  • You can also just draw a closed polyline and give it the appropriate fill instead of using your terrain skirt.
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Thanks Michael, if i pull back section symbols then they come off my print page, it would be easy enough to use a polyline but with a terrain that slopes it would be much harder.

This one i am showing flat but many are not.

So would i just display the terrain only and then convert to a symbol and have it on another layer?

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Instead of a 2nd terrain, use a terrain feature. Set the height to 0" (at grade level) and thickness as desired. This way it will follow the contours of your terrain and you can leave your terrain as large as you need for your perspective views. You can put that terrain feature on a unique layer if you have other ones in the same plan and/or to turn it off in perspective views. You can adjust the size/shape of your view window in layout if you want to bottom to be flat.



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