Roof Trusses Not Displaying in 3D Camera Views

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I created roof trusses using the roof truss tool.  I am not sure why the are not displaying in the camera views - even when I have "all on" in the view set.  


The trusses show up on the floor plan and in the cross section/elevation view. 


In the photo, you will see the roof extensions that I created using 3d boxes displaying, but the main roof trusses (TR1) are not showing.


Also,  I was originally able to create the trusses using the truss tool.


Now I get an error "Could not create roof truss at this location because no roof planes were found" and I did not change any of the roof/ceiling specifications.


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you kindly.  -Jason



CA_Question_Roof Truss.jpeg

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Please post the plan -- always best to post the plan for questions like this.


Also a good idea to fill out your signature (see mine for an example) by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left. 
Your version of Chief is the important info.

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You need to define a depth for the roof structure in Roof Plane Specification>Structure>Roof Layers>Structure. The roof plane in your drawing has this set at 0". Chief won't draw a 0" deep roof truss.


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You also need a Ceiling Plane - I can't find one in your plan file. Once you define a depth for the Structure (any depth really, it shouldn't matter), use the Ceiling Plane to control the actual depth of the trusses. Then Chief should draw a truss for you:


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See the images. Your roof structure needs to be a material with a type of Framing. You had Insulation Air Gap which is not a Framing material. Changing to Fir Framing fixed the problem.


Also, your ceiling height is higher than your roof baseline, so the trusses build as shown.



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Just a note.... I found recently on a MonoSlope (Shed) Type Roof, without a Flat Ceiling, it is best NOT to check the Trusses Box when you 1st Build the Roof even if you know you are going to Build them as Chief will automatically Build a 3 1/2" deep Roof Plane ( Chord depth of the Truss) and may not allow you to build or even place a Truss as it thinks there is no Roof Structure (warning message) , even though you can see it... I can't remember if I was in X9 or X10 though when working on that one..... It may also depend of the sequence you do things in Chief as you Build the Roof.....





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