How do I copy a detail from one page to another, modify it so the original detail remains unchanged?

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If I copy a detail and paste it on a different page, then modify the detail, X9 continues to update the original detail with my changes (as well as the copied detail).

If I open a detail from one page, send it to another page, then modify the detail, the result is the same--X9 still modifies my original detail--which I want to stay the same.

How do I copy a detail from one page to another (for the purpose of modifying the detail) in a manner that breaks the connection to the original detail?


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You make a copy of the detail so you then have two separate details. I commonly do this in a CAD Detail window, make a copy so I then have two identical details, the second one I can then alter because it has a different name. Then I send them both to layout from the .plan file placing them wherever I want.


A digital copy of a AD detail is merely another instance of the same detail, that is why I make two copies first, then alter the second copy as it is now a separate object with a different name, digitally speaking.



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This happens if you are doing it in a "live" Plan view window .....zoom in on the Originial to how you want it seen,  then goto CAD>CAD from View to create a new CAD Detail that is no longer "live" but still fully editable.

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