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  1. Opened Chief Premier X10 to finish the last details on a project. Regardless of which detail I open, and regardless of which past project, my right side toolbar does not appear, and my top toolbars have been replaced with the following tools: Draw Line Input Line Line with Arrow Sun Angle North Pointer Disconnect Edges Create Line Style If I open a Plan or a Layout, there are no toolbars. How can I reset or restore the toolbars that I was using? I never created "custom" toolbars--always used the original configuration. Really appreciate your
  2. If I copy a detail and paste it on a different page, then modify the detail, X9 continues to update the original detail with my changes (as well as the copied detail). If I open a detail from one page, send it to another page, then modify the detail, the result is the same--X9 still modifies my original detail--which I want to stay the same. How do I copy a detail from one page to another (for the purpose of modifying the detail) in a manner that breaks the connection to the original detail?
  3. Spent quite some time looking for 2-D cars, trucks, dump trucks, loaders, etc. Surely, they exist. Can someone tell me where to find them?
  4. To clarify: I created semi-justified text as Michael described, but using tabs. It's not very neat. I created three columns of text using multiple text boxes, which takes too long and is not very neat either. It appears the better choice for now is to use the word processor and import a pdf. I believe this shouldn't be necessary.
  5. Thanks for your help everyone, but I still haven't figured it out. I'm using Rich Text, but I can't seem to find the solution in the Paragraph Options settings. Michael: You showed justified text in your post. Did you create it by pasting from your spreadsheet or word processor, or did you create it using Chief? Regards all, LS
  6. I want to create basic detail notes and sheet notes which follow a letter or number outline. For example: 1. Alphabetical sheetnotes are not referenced in the plan; Numeric sheetnotes are referenced in the plan." The second line of text should indent flush with the first line of text. Can this basic set of notes be created in Chief (without importing a PDF from another program)? Also, is there any way to create columns of text? Thanks all. LS
  7. Thanks, Richard. Like you, I generally want to see only the latest revisions, however, I usually don't have more than one Rev (even in the Bay Area). When you make revisions to larger-scale details do you prefer to add the cloud and delta inside the detail, or on the page? This raises the issue of annotation sizing, which I've struggled with in Chief. Regards, LS
  8. I'm responding to my first set of plan check comments using Chief. How do I mark revisions? The "Revision Cloud" is easy to use, but is there an automatic way to mark the cloud with a "delta" and a number inside the delta, or do I need to create the delta and number, save it as a Library detail, then place it manually on each cloud? Thanks, LS