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I made a chief plan of an existing cottage layout with different ceiling heights on the main floor. Now I have saved the existing cottage layout to alter the plan but since we will be taking the whole second floor off and starting fresh with new floor joists we are going to make the main floor ceiling one height. So I went ahead and changed this on chief... Now that I've cleared the whole main floor plan so that there are only a few partitions (because it will be open concept) when I try to put a new railing to go to the basement a room divider keeps showing up and it won't let me delete it. I've tried playing around with the railing that goes to the basement. If I delete the railing the room divider disappears, then I re-draw the railing to go to the basement and the room divider shows up again and won't let me delete it. 


I've attached the file and put some notes in red to try and show what the issues are. Sorry my explanation on here is confusing lol.. Any help would be awesome!! 

Winter Nov. 27 2017 - Room Divider Issue.plan

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Chief wants to connect island rooms, like the one where the stair is, to other walls.


You can put these walls on their own layer and turn it off.



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The default behavior Eric mentions can also be turned Off it needed ...not sure if it will lead to other issues in the Plan though ?  and then you can delete it.


Uncheck the Connect Island rooms box in the Pic.


You may want to add your own Room Dividers Back to designate the Kitchen , Dining Area , Living Rm etc as CA tends to "remember Rooms" sometimes even if they are no longer there and it should stop any automatic walls returning....






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I would recommend that you keep the option to automatically connect island rooms turned on.


An "island" room is created when you have an interior room that is not connected to any exterior walls.  If they are not connected, you could have problems with things like room definitions, floors, ceilings, moldings, and possibly other things.


If you don't like where the program puts the automatic room connectors, then you can manually draw your own.  Once you have drawn your own, you can then delete the automatic one and it should not come back.


If you don't want to see these room connectors, then just put them on their own layer and turn off the layer.


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