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  1. That is a walkthrough path that was created which has different key frames on it. Thanks everyone for your help. I have decided to keep the door open as I don't think what I'm looking for is an easy solution or possible without a lot of editing required. Originally I was looking for the door to open as the video walks into the house. Here is the final product just keeping the door open which I think looks good enough! Interior Walkthrough - Trial 2 - Oct 17 2022.mp4
  2. Left toolbar I have an arrow showing, the option is blurred out.
  3. I just have a regular mouse, is there a way to pause during a "create walkthrough path"?
  4. I "solved" this post too quickly lol! Thank you, this is very helpful. I'm fairly new at the walkthroughs, how do you pause?
  5. Is there a way to have a door open during a walkthrough video? For example, coming up to the front entry door outside and its closed, as we get closer to it have it open to go through the doorway.
  6. Hi Mick - I will give it a try, thank you! Also thanks Joey and Ryan, your input was helpful!
  7. Hi Steve - That worked, thank you! I don't use the program to it's fullest capacity and like to do things manually (the hard way) haha.
  8. Hi Joey - I don't use the auto roofs, I just draw them manually with "roof plane". What do you mean by "full return" is that an option in the settings I need to uncheck? I just tried deleting and re-drawing but same thing is happening. I also just tried on the other side of the garage, same thing but also weird it worked fine by the porch. See screenshot (very rough right now).
  9. Yes, I had saved a template I made from X12.
  10. I'm trying to draw a skirt roof but the fascia is not showing, see screenshot. Any ideas? I just updated to X14 so not sure if this is a glitch? I've never had issues with this in the past using older versions!
  11. I tried copying from 11 and 12 in word and it still pastes as a slightly higher fractioned number in chief, very weird. The transform replicate resizing works alright, although I am a bit OCD with the sizes being exact, it will do for now! Thanks Michael!
  12. I tried this at the start, but for some reason it still wants to change the height automatically to a slightly higher fractioned number. I've came up with a way to sort of solve the issue, I used the transform replicate to resize the rich text to get it closer to the height I want. PS thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it!!
  13. It's working in X12 (sorry I misread the message above from Michael explaining that). I copy the text from "new result" and open rich text, I set the font / size, and paste but then it changes it to arial automatically (which looks proportional) and then I go to change it to another font and it spaces out the numbers.
  14. Michael, I tried copying the numbers you had posted above from your phone and they show up and resize fine, they just look very spaced out. The black numbers are what I had before when I was having no issues (from MS Word to Chief) compared to the blue which is the copied numbers from your phone. I'm using X9, although we have X10 and X12 here at work... I hate change haha! I downloaded your attachment above and followed the steps, I don't have the "new result" field but it seems to be showing weird symbols rather than superscript. I have 2 chief files where I've done these window numbers before, I will try to make do and copy and paste what I can from those. I'm sure I have similar windows sizes so it shouldn't be a problem. I was just hoping there was an explanation why this all of a sudden wasn't working for me, just weird it's worked fine in the past!
  15. It's the superscript button on Microsoft Word.
  16. Still not working; when I paste the font from Word it's still making the font a weird size and when I go to change it to 4" it makes the superscript back to normal size.
  17. I'm trying to make window numbers with superscript in rich text. I've done this before and not sure why it's not working this time. I go into Microsoft Word, type out the numbers with the superscript, copy and paste into chief rich text but when I go to re-size the fonts it makes the superscripts back to normal size (if that makes sense). I've also tried the Microsoft keyboard shortcut directly in the chief rich text by highlighting the number and pressing ctrl, shift and the plus sign at the same time but that's not working either. Any thoughts on why this isn't working?
  18. Ohhh, I turned "use enhanced lighting" ON and the shadows are working now!! Thanks everyone, I appreciate it
  19. Hi Dermot, it was already turned off. I will contact our computer guy to take a look at the video card.
  20. Hi Dave, thanks for the video. I looked at all the settings and everything has shadows checked off and it's still not turning on in the 3D views (regardless to generic or sun angle). You mentioned the driver on the video card may need to be updated, how do I check if it needs updated?
  21. For the past week the shadows button hasn't been working for me (I'm using X9). I usually just click the "toggle shadows" and it turns on, but nothing is happening on or off. Any ideas of how to fix this?
  22. So basically I have to use X10 for it to work? Do you recommend anything? Should I use a polyline solid or soffit? I was also reading about a "molding polyline" but I don't know what that is.
  23. I am working on a project with a split entry. I have created a pony wall for the basement foundation / framed wall above. The framed wall has stone veneer on it and I would like to have a masonry ledge / cap on it. Looking at other tutorials it looks like there should be a “wall cap” section in the wall specifications, but mine seems to missing. See attached screenshots. Not sure if it is because I am using version X9? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!