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Hi there,


One of my designers has started to get decimal places in the 'temporary dimensions/measurements' you get when clicking on a wall.  We're at a loss as to what's causing it.


Following on from suggestions in other posts, we've changed the amount of decimal places that show in our Default settings, so now we can more easily see when something is out.


However the problem remains.  It is often 0.2mm or 0.02mm out, and initially we thought it was the building paper on the outside of the frame that was causing the problem (and might still be?), but a few other measurements will be something like 3010.44445556 - and there's no way we would have entered that dimension, or even the 0.2 or 0.02mm mentioned.


Any ideas? I've uploaded a plan that has this affliction.






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Firstly, go to Defaults...General Plan Defaults...Snap Grid/Snap Units.

Check Use Snap Grid/units and set the Snap Unit to a value that you are happy with - do you really need 1mm for floor plans?

I have mine set to 10mm. You may like that, or maybe 5mm could be used.

Anything less than 5mm, IMHO, is useless.

I also uncheck Show Snap grid.


Now go to the dimension default that you are using (1:50 dimensions - are you printing plans at 1:50?).

Primary Format panel...Accuracy and change Decimal Places to zero.


Do this in your template plan as well.


That should clean everything up.


Be aware though that the above will cause any new plans to be drawn accurately, with no decimal places displaying.

The existing plan, although displaying the correct dimensions (should be mostly), will still be drawn incorrectly.


I just had another look and is there any reason why you do not have linings on your walls.

And are they really 36mm and 72mm thick?



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Hi Both, thanks for the suggestions, will apply to our computers and hopefully will sort the problem out.


Yeah the Metrapanel system is a relatively small system - yes with 36mm (and double 36mm + 72mm) wall panels for internal walls and 36mm panels + 70mm stud framing on outside for external walls.  One of my client's uses this system, so I'm using at their request.  The panels themselves are essentially Particleboard (Chipboard in US?) with a super smooth, preprimed surface, the idea being there's not many joins or screw holes to plaster over.  25mm ceiling panels are also used. 

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