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  1. All good, will add to suggestion forum....
  2. Thanks for super quick reply. Do you know of any way of doing it with the rotate grip?
  3. Just wondering if anyone knew if it's possible to rotate the space planner blocks/rooms in increments of degrees - not just 90 degrees/orthogonal?
  4. Hi all, We're in the middle stages of a concept design for a 2 storey house on a relatively steep site, and we're having 'fun' with elevation/contours. Does anyone have any good learning material to run through to get it right? have attached the .plan file, basically just having troubles with getting the house to site 'right' on the property, and retaining walls are tricky. Most of our work is on flat or near flat sections and easy to handle in CA . Contours......if you'll excuse the pun, it's a steep learning curve! Concept plan.plan
  5. Nice. Thank you very much Eric.
  6. From ultra quick look at ruby material, it seems that it would be possible to get the label looking like we want it too. With some learning time...
  7. Easiest way, but not neccessarily quickest! I had hoped to have it set up either as a default, or library item to streamline that process
  8. HI Eric, awesomely quick reply, thanks. I didn't know about Ruby and Macros - though suspect I will shortly! Had a quick play with your 'suggested' width syntax, and after inserting that in the label from user defined, then adding the 'plain text' in front of the macro's formula answer gets it pretty close. Just need to figure out how to get rid of the decimal point - 2/ 500.0 . Would like to go to 2/ 500. Glenn, yeah, that's a bit of a mouthful! To both thanks for the screenshots/snips. Gotta love that tool!
  9. Hello, I'm trying to find out a way of creating a label for a set of Double doors that divides the total width of the door to show how big each door is. ie not that it's a 1420mm wide doorway, but it's 2/ 710 doors. Is it possible to write a rich text/or custom label using the DBX to show the individual leaf sizes of the doors. Ie Something along the lines of 2/ (%FORMATTEDNEARESTWIDTH%/2) if it was an excel formula? Is there a list of "specify label " or rich text format syntax to get the desired results? Thanks, Tim
  10. I was tempted to get a 4k monitor or similar, but being used to two monitors I decided to stay with that option. Not sure on how it works 'tiliing' all the different windows works on a 4k monitor! Tim
  11. Hi Both, thanks for the suggestions, will apply to our computers and hopefully will sort the problem out. Yeah the Metrapanel system is a relatively small system - yes with 36mm (and double 36mm + 72mm) wall panels for internal walls and 36mm panels + 70mm stud framing on outside for external walls. One of my client's uses this system, so I'm using at their request. The panels themselves are essentially Particleboard (Chipboard in US?) with a super smooth, preprimed surface, the idea being there's not many joins or screw holes to plaster over. 25mm ceiling panels are also used.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Somehow the problem has remedied itself - whether that was graphics driver auto updating or a windows update or something we're not sure.
  13. Hi there, One of my designers has started to get decimal places in the 'temporary dimensions/measurements' you get when clicking on a wall. We're at a loss as to what's causing it. Following on from suggestions in other posts, we've changed the amount of decimal places that show in our Default settings, so now we can more easily see when something is out. However the problem remains. It is often 0.2mm or 0.02mm out, and initially we thought it was the building paper on the outside of the frame that was causing the problem (and might still be?), but a few other measurements will be something like 3010.44445556 - and there's no way we would have entered that dimension, or even the 0.2 or 0.02mm mentioned. Any ideas? I've uploaded a plan that has this affliction. Thanks, Tim floor_plan_option_2_changed_04_08.17.plan
  14. Hi all, I've just hooked up a second monitor to my laptop, and now the drop down menus from FILE, EDIT, BUILD etc display off the screen (ie when you click on FILE, EDIT etc the menu is off screen). They seem to be offset to the left a certain amount. To access the menus I need to minimise CA and move to the centre of the screen - a bit of a pain! I've attached a screenshot showing the problem. When no plan file is open the menus appear correctly, and when CA is on the original Laptop screen the menus appear correctly too. The screen with the 'problem' is the 'main display' according to Windows. I've tried restarting both CA and the laptop to no avail. Any ideas?
  15. Yep, went with the '- 'to print, then went to rename in explorer, and realised that I can't use ? in a file name. The way I found out though, was that Windows popped up an error message, rather than relying on trial and error, and repeated attempts to figure it out. Having an error message box pop up, when using excluded characters seems like an easy thing to include into CA... Thanks Perry. Tim