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Hi - looked everywhere in forum etc can't find out how to edit these legends - found in library - Core Catalogs - CAD Blocks - Notes and Legends

When I open it as a CAD block or from a plan 

I explode the block and all of the text disappears ! The grid still shows along with all of the small CAD blocks for the symbols but I can't find the text 

I'm sure this is some dopey thing I am not seeing

Feeling stupid ....

thx Otis 






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Check to see what Layer the Text is on.  Just after exploding the Block, click the "Object Layers" icon and make sure the text layer is displayed.

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use the electric schedule, it will only include what you use in the plan, and you can comment and change any label you  want. Works great

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ahhh Joe you are a genius 

I am a turd 

wasn't thinking about layers on a CAD detail 

found my text 



and Perry thanks as well - I need that schedule too 

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The elect. schedule is the legend.

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