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Certain symbols show temp dims as inches only even tho format set to '-"

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I put an I-Beam library symbol into my plan and when taking a cross section view, noticed that when I selected it, the temp dimensions were in inches only.  I want it to show as '-" format, like my default is set to be.  All my Default Dimension settings are set to be '-" format.  I rechecked them all.  After some quick experimenting, I realized that all the symbols I had selected were from old "ChiefSymbols" symbol sets.  I tried a couple other structural elements, and even an outdoor chair from those libraries, and they all had the temp dims in cross section view as inches only.  Whereas other non-ChiefSymbols library symbols have the '-" format as I expected from my default settings.  In plan view, I can click on those same I-Beam or other ChiefSymbol symbols, and they show temp dims as '-".  Below is a section image of the I-Beam symbol selected and showing the inches temp dimensions. 


Any suggestions on some setting I am missing?





2017 06 01 TempDims inches.JPG

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Not sure if this is a good solution or not but have you tried creating a new symbol from the old one to see if it changes the display.  Not  that there is any way to put the new symbol back into the bonus catalog but a good test maybe.

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I think that you will find that this doesn't only apply to your beam.

Same thing happens with most objects that come from the library like cabinets, fixtures, fittings, etc.

I believe that functionality is hard code into Chief and can't be changed.

The are not really Temp Dims as you can't use them to change the object's size or location.

They are really just a reference dimension. 

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At the moment, it isn't worth my time to try the symbol change, but if I run across more issues with it, I might try that.  I think for now I'll just assume it's a hardwired thing.  I was just wondering if there was anything obvious I had missed, but I guess not. 



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