How can I create "drawer cutouts" as pulls in chief?

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I am trying to create these kind of drawer doors with the holes being as pulls as shown in this picture. Can someone help me create this and also how would I add it as a symbol?




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I'd suggest that the place to start it to read the chapter on symbols in the reference manual.


Drawer front- in elevation create a polyline solid, edit it to make the cutout, change the depth and material.

IF you want to go so far as having the hand hold as part of the symbol then you need to work with another smaller solid and use polyline subtraction to create that. I usually change the fill of each so I can see in plan view where they overlap

If you get unexpected results you may need to change both pline solids to solids first, but then you lose the fill so position them both first.

Once you are happy with it take a 3D view with nothing else in it (backdrop is ok though) and convert to symbol, cabinet door/drawer.

In the process you have to set the stretch planes and zones so that your cutout does not distort. with a central cutout UNLESS you want to have the cutout resize in width along with the cabinet.

To get the second symbol copy and past the first one in your library, change the name, open symbol, rotate on the y axis 180 degrees.


For the backing section you need another door symbol. A simple stick will do BUT you have to change the origin so that is sites back from the front of the cabinet AND you will want to set the height stretch plane outside of the symbol. That will prevent the symbol from resizing when you use it.


Once you have your symbols- for the cabinet, Construction use full overlay framed-do NOT use frameless or this will not work. Set separation to 3/4"

Your face should look like this-




I've attached a quick plan-so you can open the symbols and check the origins and stretch settings. When working with these things you can open the symbol in plan and change the origin and stretch settings, then drag the item onto the cabinet in a 3D view to have real time feedback on what you did. Note that the recessed strip will be very difficult to drag in place, easier to select it in the DBX and specify, then just navigate to the updated symbol. You can also copy and paste symbols withing the library, rename and alter to have variations.

Again-read the chapter on symbols in the reference manual. When learning I kept a printed copy of the stretch page handy.

recess test.plan


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Thank you @MarkMc I forgot to say I use x8. I will try with the instructions you gave and the image settings you gave. Thanks


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Also I would recommend this as a "Feature Request" to Chief Architect Inc. This sort of functionality should be added to the software. There is nothing wrong with taking the steps to have it now but it is a end user work round currently, Making it a suggestion is also indicated as I am sure others would like the choices if they existed with out several steps of work round.



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