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I have been working on an addition and remodel project that had to go through both an HOA approval process and city planning hearing.

The room addition was the part of the project that was required to go through the above mentioned. The remodel part of the project is all

interior work.


After submitting the room addition plans to the HOA and city planning the client was anxious to move forward on the interior design. I saved

a copy of the plans into another folder an started work on the kitchen remodel. We went through a few designs. Each time I saved to a new

folder incase the client wanted to go back to a previous design. After that I worked on the master bathroom. We went through two revisions.

Each time saving to a new folder.


During this same time I am going back and forth with the HOA and planning department. These changes are being made on the original plans,

the ones without the interior remodel. I now have the approvals from the HOA and planning. The client want kitchen design #1 and master bathroom

design #2.


The question I have is how do I combine these drawing into one plan ? I have the plans that were approved from the HOA and city planning that

are showing the addition only. I have the kitchen remodel showing on another set of plans that does not show the master bathroom remodel. I

have the master bathroom plans on the a set of plans which shows the second kitchen remodel, But client wants to go with the first kitchen

remodel. Is there an easy way to combine these plans together ? The HOA and planning department information is on the site plan. The kitchen

remodel in on the first floor and the master bathroom remodel are on the second floor. It would be great if I could combine each one of those plan

into one final plan. Is that possible ?









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I do this all the time. Just copy and paste from one file to the other. I will delete the elements that have changed in file A and copy them from file B.

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You can use a closed polyline in any shape, along with Edit Area to create your selection. Copy/Paste Hold Position into the other plan will keep things aligned, as long as the plan has not moved.

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