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I am drawing roof manually and I am having issues connecting it together. Back outdoor room has metal 2:12 slope tieing into facisa.(do not  want to mess that up). 

I tried automated and was not connecting up at bath one correctly.


I would appreciate any help.



Panola Way Remodeling.7z

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Why not auto build the roof?


Make a Roof Baseline Polyline and pull it out to cover the porch.




Looks like a ceiling height is different at the rear, but could be easily fixed manually.



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I think your floor is asymmetric enough that the auto roof generator will fail each time (I could be wrong). Here is a You Tube video of me manually editing and maybe fixing your roof based on a lot of guessing on my part:




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Delete your Roof Baseline Polylines (on the Roofs, Baselines Polylines layer) - you have 2 of them. You shouldn't need to use Roof Baseline Polylines on that plan - although there is nothing stopping you from using them if you want.

Change the ceiling heights of the his and hers rooms to 97 1/2" to match the rest of the house - if that is what you want

Define the front porch with an invisible wall and make the ceiling height 97 1/2".

Turn on Auto Rebuild roofs - make sure Make Roof Baseline Polylines is turned off.

The roof should auto build correctly. 

That house should have no problem with the auto roof builder - you just need to get all the ducks lined up in a row.


You will need to clean up the walls, floors, etc, in the front porch.


If you really want to use Roof Baseline Polylines, build them now and they will build correctly - but in this case, I wouldn't worry.

You could then delete the invisible wall defining the front porch.



New Image_184.jpg

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I just had another look at this and reread your original post.

I forgot about the metal roof out the back.

Check the deck to have a roof over.

I also think that you will have to drop the roof pitch to more like .5:12, otherwise the roof geometry doesn't work

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Here are pictures for existing. Just adding on new area on rear. Rest of existing roof stays the same.



2017-05-03 (2).jpg


Existing floor plan before addition.jpg

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