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To those who use Multiple Annosets linked to Layer sets and or simply like things there own way, please help me figure out what is happening here.


Here is how I like to work.


I want every setting controllable through the ANNOSET to be unique. It may not make sense to you but it does to me. If someone can teach me a better way I am all ears but all the videos I watch skip too much detail for me to fully grasp. So, I want to have a unique Annoset which Triggers the Layerset for EVERY LEVEL or critical element ( you will see it my plan) so there is no question what is where and why. Fortunately, due to workload, I have not had the time to completely configure my SAM and all the trimmings as I would like. Then I get this kind of issue...


I created Auto Exterior Dimensions on Level 1 only to discover they are not formatted correctly. "I thought I had them on them setup in my Annosets the same for each level." What is really perplexing is I cannot delete them. The video may help explain.



Any and all help appreciated.



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Just because a dimension is on the Dimensions, Automatic layer, doesn't mean that it is an auto dimension.

As soon as you edit an auto dimension, it is no longer classified as an auto dimension - it becomes a manual dimension, even though it resides on the Dimensions, Automatic layer.

Did you change those auto dimensions in any way?

Even going into the annoset and changing the dimension default will change them to manual dimensions - although still remaining on the Dimensions, Automatic layer.

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Hey Scott,


Go to Floor 2, open a dimension with arrows and you will see that it is using the plot plan dimension defaults. As Glenn said, they are no longer automatic dimensions.


Dims Capture.JPG

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