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I have a couple of foundation wall connecting problems for an as built foundation I'm trying to represent. I seem to remember there was a thread some time ago on this, but I could not locate it.


1. Angled wall connecting to a 90 degree corner. Is there a way to have the look of a proper connection without using CAD "fill-ins"? (Images "Wise foundation 1" & "Wise foundation 2")


2. I want to extend the thick wall 6" past the corner. (Image "Wise foundation 3")


I've attached the plan for the foundation.I'll be out of my office most of the day so I will not be able to respond to any questions till later in the day. Thank you to all in advance for your time and advice.


Wise foundation 1.JPG 

Wise foundation 2.JPG

Wise foundation 3.JPG

Berlins Wise Foundation.zip

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Issue 1...

Use Edit Wall Layer Intersections.


Issue 2...

Make wall longer (long enough to keep short wall from snapping back to corner, place break, make short section of wall a different wall type (or simply reverse layers) and then drag wall back. 


Here's a quick video.  It's silent because everyone in the house is still asleep and I didn't want to wake them.  You should be able to get the gist though...


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