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I'm a casual user looking to re-create my home in Chief Architect.  Unfortunately, my home was built in the 30's, and typically doesn't follow the standard building techniques of today.  I've been having a hell of a time trying to represent my basement and first floor based on the way the house was constructed.  If someone is skilled with basements and first floors, I'm hoping you could help me set up my plan properly.  I'm most of the way there, I just need this portion setup properly.


I appreciate it.




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If you can provide some photos of what you need and maybe some screen shots of where you are at, and be as specific as you can with issues you are having.  Someone will be sure to help.  Also what version of the software are you using?

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Thanks for the assistance.  I'm hoping my explanation explains what I'm trying to do.  Included the house plan and pictorial explanation


The Basement of my house is a 12in solid pour, and the house sits directly on top of it.


The first floor sits on top of 7 /14" x 1 3/8" beams then approx 3/4 inch of sub floor and wood flooring.  I need my plan to reflect the 86" height of the basement (I don't care about the footing depth) - then start the first floor and have it sit over the entire length of the basement.  The heights of the first floor finished ceiling is correct, I just cant get the basement right.  Any help would be appreciated.



House Cross Section With Detail.jpg

LI 1930 Colonial House.plan

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Thanks for responding, but I'm not quite there.  Referencing your example, I need B and J to align with the top of the Basement, or I in this case.  Essentially:

  • 86" from the basement floor to the bottom of the first floor
  • 7/14" beams supporting the first floor (sits on top of the basement pour)
  • 3/4" of sub floor and hardwood
  • 96" finished ceiling on the first floor

Hope that helps.


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