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Symbol naming - for shared symbols posted in ChiefTalk.


Could I suggest all Chief users adopt a naming nomenclature that is more user-friendly for future identification?

1. Easy linking to primary grouping within Chief as Elect, Furn, Plumb, etc.

2. Clear naming of the symbols function

3. Picture of symbol for users to determine its usefulness for them. 


This should allow symbols to be more easily located in the "User Catalogue" (User Catalog )


Soooooooooooo! Using an electrical switch for a door jamb to Ensuites, Pantries or Cupboard doors:

(actual symbol available at: 



Elect switch_door jamb_cupd 


Elect switch_door jamb_cupd.jpg

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I'm not sure that is possible b/c everyone has their own way of naming things depending on where they are, I got that symbol from someone else a long time ago, you can always re-name what works for you. It would certainly be nice to have that, but not sure it will ever happen.

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I just create a folder (in my user catalogue) For anything special, such as "electrical" in which I would keep anything to do with electrical. I use sub folders when / if I have symbols of a unique nature and sometimes preface the file name with the project I used it in. 

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