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After reading a few forums I know there is a way to do the watermark text but most people are using Chief X8 which has different options than Chief X3 (which is what I am using). I want to be able to put a watermark onto a floor plan and some coloured renders that are all in the layout file on separate sheets. 


In the other forums an option was to put the text in very light grey onto page 0 and then print the pages in grey scale.. but I want to be able to see the colour.  Even when I tried using grey scale and "print to PDF", the text showed up as black letters over the floorplan and not translucent letters.  Another option was to put the text onto page 0 and then put it at the back of the group using "drawing order".. The only option on X3 is "Bring to Front of Group".  Another option was to use Photoshop, but I want to keep the floor plan in Chief so that it is more clear when I "print to PDF".  Lastly, there is an option to use Chief 3D text found in the library and then somehow flatten then text.. but for some reason none of the letters can be imported from the library onto my Chief. 


Can anyone help me out?! :(

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I would strongly recommend a good PDF editor to anyone doing this type of stuff for a living...any documentation at all for that matter.  Most good PDF editors will provide a watermarking option.  I personally use Nitro Pro and would highly recommend it.  Its well worth the money. 

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Print to PDF, then open in a PDF Editor ( I use NUANCE PDF) and add the water mark in that Program.

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