Very messy gable walls

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I did this plan in X5 and have brought it back using X8.  I cannot remember what I had to do to get the gables in the front elevation to show complete, but I recall doing some wall dragging, something I try to avoid.


The back one, the highest, is the biggest mess, probably due to, among other things, having a partial third floor behind it.


The roof was done manually, and is a hybrid of trusses and sticks.  Don't know how that affects things, but I cannot get the walls to snug up tight to the rake (gable fascia).  Then there are all the pieces of wall that make things up.


If one of you geniuses would take a look and advise, I would be much obliged.



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Thanks, Jon.  That cleaned up the gables but now I need to find a new way of doing the loft floor and walls I had built on the third floor, to define the screwy space in that bedroom.  That is what the invisible railings walls were for.


And in the front bedroom, the doors were lost, and while I can put them back and they look OK in 3D camera views, they don't "cut" the wall in plan view.



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No I am not. It is now a worse mess than before.


The house has a complicated second floor, because of its multiple levels and because one bedroom has a loft area that extends over the hallway of a lower level.


The big gable wall interfaces rooms at three different levels:  the second floor primary level (107-3/8"), the top bedroom level (137-3/8") and the loft floor level (up 62-1/4" above its bedroom floor).


I had wanted the second floor plan to include the primary second floor and the upper bedroom.  I built a third floor so that the loft would model in 3D and be able to have its floor structure defined.


The problem with defining the large gable wall as a pony wall (thanks, Jon) is that in plan view it needs to be broken in order to show the doors that are in it, with breaks at the doors.  The break allows one to display the lower wall (drywall both sides) inside, and siding for the exterior.  But doing this complicates window placement.


What to do, what to do?





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