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I am new to CA (from Revit), we use Premier X8, I'm in my 5th month.


One of the greatest headaches, at this point, is not being able to manage design options. For example, if I have a front elevation or a fireplace with cabinetry design, and want to show two or three options of how that could looks, I am currently saving it as a new file. This becomes inefficient and leaves room for human error. Suggestions? 


Thanks, much!


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sorry, but that is the only option at this time


I have asked for "complete layer control" so that only the active layers display

but no joy so far



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For cabinets -if you don't like the save as then for completely different configuration options are-

  • Move them a memorable distance away-50ft, 80ft...blocking is optional.
  • Alternative is to block the cabinet grouping and add to the user library. I create a project specific folder. Do that for each version. Then block the current view and replace from library, pick one of your other blocks.


You can fool Chief into placing objects in the same place

  1. first set of cabinets-change to a new layer-cabinets 2- block, move 100 inches away
  2. Create second cabinets- layer cabinets 3- move 200 inche
  3. Third cabinets-on cabinet layer
  4. Use transform replicate to move the blocks back in place. They will then be where they started with all cabinets one on top of the other-just hide layers.


Finally if it is just finish and style along with trim-place a cabinets with each style off to the side- then can replace finishes on existing cabinets by changing defaults OR object painter which is usually saver.

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