Showing below grade foundation walls on foundation plan for walkout foundation

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I'm looking for suggestions on the best strategy to show foundation walls that are below grade on my foundation plan (i.e. walkout foundation situation-see attachment).  I don't know if I should be drawing with cad lines or if there is a proper way to actually do this.  I like to have 2 different floor plans for finished basement.  1-foundation plan that shows just the foundation walls and footings, interior bearing wall footings, and 2nd a basement plan with interior framed walls, cabinets, doors, etc.   Is it easiest to just draw the foundation wall and footings with cad lines or setup using an actual wall style.  If an actual wall, what level would this be drawn on?  Can't draw on the same level as the basement floor plan.  Also, is there a way to fill in the spaces shown where there is a door or window in the foundation (see attachment)?  There is actually a foundation wall below these openings but they don't show.  I've been drawing in a cad line to fill.  Better way?



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You can use reference sets to show things that are not on that floor. search reference sets to learn about them

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      Is there a way to add pre Mfg. brick to outside of the foundation above grade that does not affect the porches etc or parts you do not want it?
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      I've looked for a thread on this topic but cannot find one.  Typical construction is CMU stem wall on footing and slab.
      I would like to show outside edge of foundation block and all thickened slab areas (for bearing walls and posts).  I see the foundation block on floor "0" and the thickened slab (under bearing walls) and post footings on floor "1".  I would like to display all this on one layout and add dimensions for concrete, plumbing, and other under-slab work.
      What is the best way to do this without redrawing a separate plan to accommodate these items?
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      Is there a room dialog to prevent this from happening? Ideally I want to make the cantilever a "cantilever" room and have it not generate walls under the cantilever with auto rebuild foundation walls on. Unless there is an easier way? Copying the balcony room settings ends up generating walls like the attached picture, still generating walls under cantilever. Feel like I'm missing something very simple.
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      I cannot get the floor joists to  build.It originally a regular slab home.  but now it is pier and  beam with concrete  block around preiemerter at 8' o.c. or wha ever engineer specs out.  I cannot the the floor joist to build on first floor, cannot garage to show 4" drop with preimerter  walls and regular lab,garage left wall to close in. Rear deck will not show up in rendering either.
      FFE 61.00, top of cmu  blocks 60.00, existing grade 57.30', top of grade beam 57.33. garagefloor 52.33 8 cmu blocks abovegarage slab.perfer 12" all around outside of garage foundation. 
      I would appreciate getting the first floor joists to be installed. and the other issues.
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      Hello All,
      I'm trying to figure out the best way to do the foundation for an addition to our 1955 home.  The existing home crawl space is minimal.  Perimeter stem wall is 18 inches with 4/6 girders resting on the sill and footings/posts at 4' O.C. .  Flooring is 2x6 T&G floor boards resting on the girders.  Not sure if that meets modern code. 
      For the new foundation area I was thinking of using 2x8 joists for the floor framing and matching the existing stem wall.  I cannot use wider joist without raising the floor as I cannot lower the stem wall height due to code requiring 8" min stem top to group level.  The addition needs to span distances beyond the 12' span distance so I need to support them in some way.  Girders with posts seems reasonable, but I'm concerned about the crawl space height.   2x8 joists on 18" 16" O.C is tighter than the existing foundation which has 18+5.5 and widely spaced girders dropping it to 18".  The new foundation with 4x8 joists at 16" on center and girders would drop the bottom the height to 12" under the beams which seems very tight.  I think the code allows for 12", but is it bad practice?  Am I wasting my time worrying about this? 
      I have a few ideas on increasing the clearance, but I don't know which would work best and what the cost trade offs are?
      1. Move the 4x6 girder to foundation stem wall height and then attach joists with joist hangers rather than resting on top.
      2. Build internal foundation footing/stem walls as needed to close 2x8 spans to 12' or less (leave access openings)
      3. If legal, copy the existing floor structure.  I'm guessing the 4/6 girders and T&G flooring is likely more costly.
      4. Extend the addition's stem wall and interior ground level down 6 inches.  Slope the soil away from the existing foundation 2" a foot. Excavation and concrete costs go up.
      Thank you,,