Anyway to split baseline-polyline into two?

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For my learning

I took rectangle structure 30'x60' split into two by interior wall into left and right part. Lowered left structure floor plate by 30". Build>roof baseline poly-line. Polyline created spanning entire structure. I would like to split into polyline left and right for two gables at different ridge top height 30" apart.

The reason I am asking softplan allow you to "sketch the roof" - drawing multiple closed polylines. Chief Architect has make baseline polyline.
But I can not for the life of me figure out how to split it. With softplan all I need to do is to sketch two sections. CA -?


How's baseline polyline suppose to work?

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Not 100% sure of what you want to end up with, but there are a couplr of ways that might give you what you want:


1. You can generate individual Roof Baseline Polylines automatically by defining the areas as different Roof Groups on the General panel of the Room Specification dbx. 

And then generate the RBP's.


2. You can set different ceiling heights for the rooms and then generate the RBP's which will give you a separate RBP for each ceiling height area.


3. Once you have a RBP, you can edit and copy it just like a normal polyline as well as being able to change the settings in the dbx.


It would be good to be able to draw a RBP directly or convert a polyline to a RBP rather than just be able to only generate them automatically.

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you can split it in to a 2,3,4......n. just draw a rectangular poly line with a very small width to cross the base line plolyline, then use "subtract polylines" you need to select the RBPL first then subtract ...l am not also sure why you wanted, any way split it that way.

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This is for pure learning


I needed two RBP one for left structure and one for the right structure, right gable been  30" taller.


Convert  wizard WILL not convert into RBP, but can convert RBP into something else.

Again you can NOT sketch with lines as again we can not convert into RBP.


It is rather convenient to specify pitch and  

  • VERT-V - vertical 
  • VERT-G - gable/shed
  • VERT-K - knee wall
  • VERT-L - lower

Because I can get Chief to build just about any type of roof without joining roof planes by hand. It appears that what I was missing were roof groups.

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Probably easier to use the auto roof tool.

You could build that Softplan roof with one click of a button.

Also a lot quicker if there are any changes to the plan.

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I reproduced number of plans from the Parade of Home(s) as a hobby. Autoroof NEVER worked for me. Not once produced correct result.


>Also a lot quicker if there are any changes to the plan.


My computer is couple years old and I5. Auto roof rebuild slows me down.  And I purchased home designer and will not use it because of roof auto build

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