Re-size dimension lines automaticaly when objects are re-sized?

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I am not sure how to ask this question as I'm still new to CA but it sounds like it would be a fairly trivial requirement so maybe I'm missing the obvious....


In plan view I need to be able to draw dimension lines (for walls, doors rooms, etc) that will automatically adjust whenever the objects are re-sized.

The same with elevation views.- I need to show the height of the roof eaves and peaks automatically, the same for the windows.

Is there a way to draw these dimension lines and have them automatically display the size as soon as the objects change?


I don't want to use the automatic dimension feature as this seems to draw dimension lines everywhere but I only need a few of them, not everywhere. This because when I delete the unwanted ones then I believe they all automatically get recreated by the Auto Dimension command which puts me back where I started: as soon as a re-size occurs I need to manually delete the dimension lines I don't want displayed.


Is there a way to do what I need?

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As Graeme said dimensions will always update as long as they are not point to point. Set your defaults to show what you specifically want to locate on your doors, windows etc.. and they will update wherever the string is. You could look at your auto defaults and clear up some of the excess as well.

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Thanks for the explanations, this helps a lot as I am getting closer to understanding how this works.


I am still not clear on how to force the dimension lines to latch on to the object though. I am using End to End dimensions and I found that the dimensions get to latch on neighboring objects. For example - in elevation view I have some 3d boxes around or close to windows. When I use End to End dimensions for the windows I found the dimension lines latch on to these 3d boxes even if they are a few inches away. So what I ended up doing is resize or move the windows edges away from the closest 3d object, place the dimension lines, then put the window back where it should be. It's still not ideal as the dimensions still have a tendency to latch on some other objects - especially when I move the windows around. So I'm thinking that it must be some setting somewhere to improve this or prevent it from happening at all but I can't figure out what is it ....

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