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  1. Eric -- thank you for the reminder to update my signature. Your tip worked to delete the Automatic Dimensions. Kbird1 -- thank you for the permanent solution (and screen shot). I haven't tried that, yet, but will if the dimensions keep popping up.
  2. X13 I can't turn off the Automatic Exterior Dimensions. The only way to get rid of them is to turn off the Manual Dimensions (the Manual Dimensions will turn off both). The toggle in the layer settings for Automatic Dimensions does nothing and far as I can tell. I want to keep the Manual Dimensions I have, but don't want to see the Automatic Exterior Dimensions. I can manually delete all of them, but that is frustrating to have to do repeatedly. Am I missing something? This is new with the x13 Update. I didn't have an issue in x12. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thanks for the tip, Michael.
  4. Dianne -- I don't know if you plan to use your laptop for client presentations ... but, something I learned the hard way after I purchased a gaming laptop, is that they can be incredibly heavy. Especially the transformer. Also, the cord on the one I purchased (not the Alien - it was a Sager) is very short and continually falls out. So, it made it difficult to find suitable outlets (when I was at a client's) that would reach. I then ended up carrying an orange, heavy duty, colossal extension cord as well. Felt like I needed a moving van just to transport everything. lol I ended up buying a lightweight laptop (MSI) that works perfectly for me. I now use the Sager to watch TV, although the sound is not great -- on either one. I take my MSI everywhere. I especially love the long, lightweight cord. Just wanted to share about the portability issue.
  5. This has also happened to me - just the other day. In addition, I am not able to update my Profile Signature -- I've tried many, many times.
  6. and even though I've created a signature several times (CAx8 version, processor, etc.), it disappears, too.
  7. I'm not certain why my posts are disappearing and reappearing and so on. I just wanted to say that I was able to remedy the situation by either adding a second floor or a roof. I apologize for the duplicate posts. Maybe there is a delay because it's saying that I've never posted here before -- even though I have. Not sure what that's all about, either... oh, well.
  8. Since the most recent upgrade, I have been getting a mysterious glowing line where the walls meet the ceiling. This happened many, many versions ago, but I haven't seen it in some time. Is anyone else getting this? I'm also getting freezing and crashes ... almost never had freezing and crashes before.
  9. I have Windows 10. It is better than Windows 8 (I hated it). I have to admit that I have most of the apps hidden to make the screen more like Windows 7. On Windows 8, I downloaded Stardock8, which was a great help in hiding all the "extras" that Windows 8 had. They were so annoying. Anyway, I have Windows 10 on my laptop. It is working well. Except (as Rich said), the updates are exceedingly annoying. I find that it wipes out my printer (I have to reinstall) and sometimes I have to fidget with my laptop track pad to get it back to where it was (it wants to put back all the edge swipe things back in). And, I often end up filing things in the incorrect places -- onedrive/cloud, where-ever. I have to admit that I have not explored the possibilities in Window 10 -- I just don't have time or interest. Just need Chief to work, which it does.
  10. Love it. Would love to take my ipad instead of laptop to client meetings.
  11. It looks like you need to add some interior lighting...