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  1. Thank you, these are lot of useful suggestion. I am going to work on these and share my results soon. Thank you @Gawdzira I have 4 main lights. Projects I work always require indirect lights. For creating indirect light effect, I came up with this work-around. I am using almost 15 lights near cabinets. I have changed angle of these lights to create indirect light effect. I have a feeling that this is not best solution though. Do you have suggestion on how to create this indirect light effect ? 15 passes took about 10 minutes of time. I am going to try to turn off these extra lights & give a try. This project does not have any sketchup, but all materials applied are taken from outside for manufacturers website. Very likely they are not fine-tuned for rendering. ---- @HumbleChief PBR is available in CA X10 Interior. I have also started looking in to this option. Video help created by you was an eye-opener, I will have to spend next 2-3 days to work on your suggestions given in video. Thank you so much. This was of GREAT help. I am also goign through PBR.plan provided by you. ---- @rlackore Thank you so much for all suggestions. I will apply them & share my result soon. Thank you "What I dont like about my image ?" 1) Almost all surfaces have white spots. Ceiling vertical walls all over there are white tiny spots, you can see them if you zoom the image. Those spots are missing in the image rendered by you. Can you tell me what could be the reason ? 2) any suggestion how to handle indirect light effect ? ---- @DavidJPotter Thank you David for PDF. I will try Interior settings provided and share result soon.
  2. Last time I was at this forum, it felt like motivating & supporting place. What happened to that ??? Anyways... I am using x10 Interior (already mentioned in original question) I & my partners - we have been using CA since X7 & always found ray tracing challenging. We have spent time in understanding some of the older/previous discussions. With this particular project ( Kitchen ), I am struggling since last couple of days. I wanted to run through people here & find out if I am missing something important. I would never ever think of "doing all the work at no cost" .. OHH BOY.. The only reason I shared all details ( setting screenshots, plan, machine config & my render result) was to get best possible suggestion / tips. I am requesting once again to community if someone can check this room/project & let me know if I am missing something crucial in settings , anything that can improve results. Please help Thank you.
  3. Hello Everyone I need Help/Suggestions/Pointers to make this Ray Trace (Render) better. Attached are following files : 1) Project calibz with all materials zip 2) Settings zip (screenshots of all settings used): 3) ray-traced output of a sample Kitchen. I have done 15 Passes in X10 Interior version. My Machine config: Amd Ryzen 5 1600 Cpu Asus B 350 F Strix Gamning MB Corsair 8gb ddr4 2666 Lpx Ram Zotac GTX 1050 Ti 4gb Card Kingston A 400 120gb SSD 1 TB WD Sata HDD Blue Corsair VS 650w Smps Thank you for help Backup File Material With Calibz.zip Raytrace-settings.zip
  4. CA-Interior user. I am trying something new. Before I render image, I want to share 360 panorama & Vector view seems like good option. How do I put a watermark on these images ? I want to add a small brand logo & company name text. I logo, not possible, at-least text. I tried several things, I created a painting, added to a wall. It disappears when you create Vector view ( actually with Vector view, not just 360, even for standard view, any painting like object disappears). Here the purpose is not to secure copy or brand or image, all I need is to have my company name. If these images go public, I get some promotion. Any work around ? Also I chose vector view for 360 panorama, do you have better suggestions ?
  5. Hello, I am CA-interior user. I have downloaded Beds catalogue ( 3D Library>Furniture>Bed no 1 ). While using one of the bed, I realised, I am unable to explode / edit any block. How do I explode/edit these blocks ? I want to customise (drop some part of design), how do I do that ? The usual steps which I use for exploding/editing other blocks, those options are not available here. From what I understand these are not Architectural blocks. Is there any way to convert this in to block, so that we can customise it. Thanks for help
  6. Hello @rikdekker Thank you for sharing article. We have wordpress website, I tried playing with plugins it didnt work or may be I need to put some more efforts. Facebook seems to be easiest & most reliable option. Unfortunately, not all of my clients would want their image to be publicly shared. If I post it on soem page( create post) it becomes public for everyone to see. Thanks again!
  7. @lbuttery I have never used gotomeeting, I will give a try. Presently, we do send pdf files over email, discuss over phone. Thanks @MArkMc Thank you Mark, I have used basecamp in past but unfortunately team members didnt keep discipline of maintaining tasks & deadlines. It is very good service, but not using it anymore. @cv2702 & @MArkMc - I will check zoom.us @Alaskan_Son that happened to us, we were allowing clients to send requirements on whatapps/emails/pinterest & it became unmanagable. Do you guys have suggestions for some service/tool where you can send image or pdf & let clients write/comment with arrows or some box right on the design. So if my client has 6 changes on a single page/drawing, they can drag drop box on this pdf/image and comment inside box. This need not be like in webinar or video-confernce, they can reply back when they get chance. Thanks for all help.
  8. (This topic is not related to CA, I apologies if this breaks forum rules.) I need feedback/Guidance from CA users : We are team of 7 Designers using CA & we start 40-50 small design projects every month & would like to share designs/images with clients & get their feedback/approval / changes. I am able to search & I do find several collaboration tools, but I want to know from CA community if there is any suggestion. Thank you for help
  9. Hello, what are various options (outside of CA cloud) for hosting 360 panoramic images generated by CA ? I am able to upload 360 images on Facebook & works nicely. However to share with client I will need some other option. - are there any free options ? - any paid websites which you are using ? - anyone using wordpress self hosted website to host 360 images, which plugin do you use ? Thanks
  10. Hello Jintu Your work is very impressive, but with lot of humility, I am still not sure if using CA one can achieve photo realistic effect. I have asked Chief Team to share example of their best photo-realistic render of Kitchen/bedroom image. I am referring few links below, just to make point further clear by what I mean by photo realistic images. http://www.luxrender.net/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=9076&g2_serialNumber=2 http://www.luxrender.net/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=7787&g2_serialNumber=2 http://www.luxrender.net/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=16544&g2_serialNumber=2 Thanks
  11. Hello Jintu Thank you for all help. I used the plan created by you & attached is rendered image result. This is good, (please don't get me wrong) but it - still misses photo-realisitic feel to great extent. Let me also send you few images we have rendered using CA. They are no way photo-realistic, but we have tried lot of things. There are several other software that create Photo realistic renders. I am not sure about how far setting corrections inside Chief Architect will deliver. I am sorry to sound negative, but I am really in a big confusion, my whole team uses CA Interior & client's complains about photo-realistic quality is killing whole show at my end. I tried using couple of accessories like simple table, flower vase, cup, mirror, chair inside an empty room, render it, and no way it looks realistic. I wrote same query to SSA support, but they have not come back with any response. 1.bmp 3.bmp 4.bmp
  12. Hello Jintu My name is Krunal. I run an Interior design studio in Mumbai, India. Thank you for all help
  13. hello Chiefer Yes this was made using CA x9 interior version. Thanks
  14. Hello, I am attaching Plan & two material files used in making of this room. Please let me know what best Settings can be done in same. Thanks for all help Parents-Bedroom.plan
  15. I have been struggling to get photo realistic 3d images through rendering. Most of my client complain about realistic looks of the images. When compared to 3d rendered images of several other software, CA's rendered images look very un-real. Below are some of the images chief team have displayed in CA website gallery : https://cloud.chiefarchitect.com/1/samples/interiors/timber-frame-office.jpg https://cloud.chiefarchitect.com/1/samples/interiors/mod-living-room.jpg https://cloud.chiefarchitect.com/1/samples/interiors/mod-eclectic.jpg These images do not look photo realistic. Can you please help me understand if this is best I can achieve in CA. Because I am really struggling to answer my clients repeatedly. All designers in my team use CA Interior. We design several homes every month. At-least half of the clients come back - complaining - that 3D/photos dont look good. It is affecting business. We are working very hard & may be we have missed few expert settings here & there, but even when I look at images shown in CA gallery - These are NO WAY photo real. Please reply. Thanks