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  1. I do not feel interiors is good for builders , it is more for interior designers . with premier you have it all . With home designer you are limited to the # of pages & details you can do.I have both programs. Download the trial versions . i can not say enough about how good premier is, and if you are a builder you WONT BE SORRY !!! With elevations the need for specfic details arise & premier will let you edit some blocked details for your needs & save those items to your user library for future use . you can get by with homedesigner it just takes longer to do certain things plus how the 2 diffrent programs work can be frustrating sometimes while you are in the learning stages !! with premier the layers & layer sets are great for construction documents
  2. WOW ONLY 2 RESPONSES & THESE ARE PEOPLE WHO HELP !!!! But the questions keep coming

  4. Well i appreciate the point but it seems like a thank you every now & then is the least I can do !!!!! Some of you go to such great lengths to exsplain things !!!!
  5. I would just like to THANK EVERYONE for all the help you give me and others !!!!! The learning curve is kind of tuff sometimes ! When i get an answer to 1 question other questions arise lol I do get a kick out of SOLVER sometimes , he leads to a point as if saying now swim lmao ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL
  6. I dont get it either the only way it worked is if i hit the save camera tool , all other views were automaticaly labeled & saved in plan view without hitting the save camera tool
  7. when i use the cross section elevation camera , i can only have 4 camera views . when i try for a 5th view it shows up as 5 and brings that view up but the 5th camera does not remain on the plan. how can i keep it in plan view to reopen it ??
  8. kbird1 lmao was without power for over 7 days 4 + feet of snow i will give that a try
  9. when i drag a deck railing in plan views and do a crosssection elevation camera i can not get all the dimension tools to work ! Are there only some tools that work in that view ? Also it wont show all the elevation cameras & there numbers
  10. I wanted to try & draw it manually to become more familar with the dimension tools & transform replicate & multi copy tools . After following SOLVERS post i managed to get them spaced properly but cant get the running dim . or baseline dim . to display . the point to point tool worked but not the other 2 I drew a railing wall , 6'6 " entered all the dim in the spec box , then used a cross / sec . elevation camera to view it . I cant figure out why they wont display
  11. where is this distribution path tool ? i am a novice with this I did this maually hoping that would be easier
  12. if i have 2 deck posts 3 1/2 " with a space between the posts of 6' 6" & the ballusters are 1 5/8 " how can i set these ballusters to be an equal dimension in the 6'6" dimension ? I am manually doing this with polyline solids , the ballusters spacing can not be more then 4" by code
  13. in plan view when i drag the elevation camera towards the plan , i get one marker saying elevation 1 & it stays on the plan view , however when i try for a diffrent elevation view at a diffrent point it does say elevation # 2 but the elevation # 2 camera does not stay on the plan I have looked at most of the settings but can not seem to find where i might set that camera view # 2 to show on the plan view
  14. I would like to add another layer that i can turn off & on when i add detail to the ledger & have it labeled deck ledger . how would i go about this ? when i click on the deck ledger now it shows up under cad framing
  15. what brand & size monitor do you guys like ?
  16. I have drawn a 2 x 10 manually & would like the top of the 2x10 to be at 8 which i have accomplised in the settings'. The top thread would be down 7 3/8 from the top of the 2x10 is this possible to do , and if so what settings would i play with
  17. Never heard that term before , however there are so many items that have diffrent wording , which can be very annoying , especially when you are searching . If the stair stringer is smaller then a 2x12 & the rise is to large , that would make the stair carriage ( NEW TERM LOL ) not wide enough or strong enough THERE IS A SECTION IN THE IRC CODE ABOUT THAT . Plus i wouldnt agree with that term stair carriage IT SHOULD BE CALLED STRINGER CARRIAGE imo. I can not see why this detail is nessacery is he paying for nitpicking details ??? Just put a verbal clause all STAIR STRINGERS to meet IRC code & have req. simpson connections . type in structure magazine / wood frame stair structure design , THEY CALL THE CARRIAGE THE THROAT . aFTER SEARCHING SOME OF THIS HE MIGHT NOT BE NITPICKING FROM A BUEROCRATEIC STAND POINT!!!!!!!!
  18. Does anyone see an advantage to setting up a template just for decks ?? I also am wondering if it would be a good idea to have the pages named & numbered ? page 0 would be blank page 1 would have a perspective veiw with the lot survey all other pages would have footing layouts deck posts & supports and so on . any ideas & thoughts would be appreciated
  19. in a clockwise form i would like the 12 oclock wall to be10' high & the 6 o clock wall to be 8' high . there is no ceiling , the roof rafters are the ceiling. i drew a simple square and can not figure out to how to change these wall heights independetly. I also would like the walls to be block . any help would be appreciated
  20. i remember seeing a short video of being able to measure from a picture. It showed the side of a house where you could drag a line across the home and see the width of the home as well as figuring the roof pitch & rafter length does anyone know if this can be done in x9 & how ? I have been looking into a lecia disto S 810 laser distance meter which has this feature it cost about $800 + but if chief can do it that would save me some money being able to check dimensions from the ground would save alot of time
  21. you have to check it one of the areas under deck spec
  22. How many courses of block would you use for a stem wall ? 48" to the bottom of the footing would work for a good frost wall height , but how many courses above grade would you add ? Anyone know where i find some good detail of a crawlspace to a full foundation so i can better understand these connections ??
  23. How many of you use a lazer measuring tool ? I see disto has one for $179.00 , just wondering what types any of use . one feature that is important , is for measuring outside the home roof pitches and existing outside walls . do you think the are acurate enough ?
  24. There is a setting that you have to check . Look threw the defaults under build . I have had issues finding certain defaults as i use the program . It is best to change all these defaults prior to doing some designs & setting up a template of the way you want the program to work