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  1. Community, I just want to toss in this question, and yes, I realize this a Chief community. However, I was just wondering if there are any former Revit users in this community, and if you switched to Chief for modeling houses, I would like to know why you switched, and did you realize any advantages of Chief over Revit. I keep leaning more to Chief, as Chief has a much better video library to take you through the basics. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am posting this as FYI, and it has to do with the creation of ICF walls. I have been learning Chief and Revit at the same time, and the one thing that I really like about Chief over Revit is that Chief does have default ICF walls, whereas Revit does not. You have to create your ICF walls in Revit. I was just amazed that Autodesk did not have this OOTB functionality.
  3. Uploaded a photo to show the difference.
  4. Yes. NUDURA has very long blocks, 8'. The other companies, like Fox Block, make them 4' in length.
  5. That's it. Thanks for the input. I am just learning Chief, as you can tell. But I'm just staring with some basics.
  6. Now I have to show true ICF patterns. If I use a NUDURA block, which is 18" in height (and 8' long), and stack two for a total of 36", I should be able to show that. Yes?
  7. That was it. I just unchecked it. Now the framing is flush to the top of the foundation wall.
  8. You're right. I deleted the sill plates, because they have to be removed. The foundation wall is an ICF wall, and the first ICF wall will be erected on top of the ICF foundation wall. The footer is the first pour. The foundation wall is the second pour. And the first wall is the third pour (speaking of concrete). So I guess I have to go back to the settings and remove sill plates?
  9. The one obvious setting is "Hang 1st Floor Platform Inside Foundation Walls". This drops the joist down inside the foundation wall, but not all the way. The top slightly protrudes above the foundation wall, as shown in the attached image.
  10. Community, I have two questions. 1. I used ICF blocks on a footer to build my foundation wall, and the bottom of the first ICF block should mate with the top of the footer. However, when you look at the attached image, the first ICF block is very narrow, and I placed red marks through the top of the first ICF blocks. How can this be corrected? 2. How can I make the floor joist part of the foundation wall? Notice how the floor joists are above the ICF foundation wall. Thanks in advance.
  11. Yes, I'm using the trial version, and you cannot save. But you are right, the auto framing defaults were not selected. It's fine now.
  12. Thanks to Joe and David. I check the automatic functions in the framing defaults for Foundation, 1st, and Wall. That fixed it.
  13. Okay. I will try that, because I don't think I had that checked. I didn't have that checked, because I don't have any framing in my walls yet. I only have exterior ICF walls (concrete). So I'm just interested in the foundation and ceiling framing. Thanks.
  14. I think I had that checked, based upon the Chief training video. I will try it again.