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  1. I need to draw 4 x 4 post, for a deck rail attached to the outside of the deck . The standard rail will not let me increase the length of the post to the bottom of the deck joist , & keep my bottom rail 4" above the decking , is there a way to achieve this , or do i have to draw all these componets of the rail manually ?
  2. WOW I AM GOING CRAZY WITH THIS I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN LOL !!! I did do a deck manually placing all the joists & beams . When i do to refrence plan on the basement level and hit refrence plan i cant see the joist on that level but i do see the joist hangers Am i suppose to be switching from default to framing ?? GOD I AM SO LOST !!!
  3. I need to have deck rails with 2# 4x4 on the corners of the deck bolted to the outside of the decks box . Is there a way to customize and an existing rail to do this ?? and if so how would i begin
  4. i would like to show several deck fastening componets . I beleive a 3d symbol would show a better picture of the symbol ( joist hangers , double hangers , post anchors & so on
  5. I unblocked an electric legend and would like to change it to a simpson tie legend > when i try & place one of the simpson items in the approiate column it only show that item looking down at it i want to be able to see that symbol in a persepective veiw , can this be done & if so how
  6. when i draw an exterior wall & place a floor joist at a random distance parrelel to that wall how do i get a dimension to show from the sheating
  8. I have lost the start & end icons when i drag a wall > Plus when ever i draw a square room if i click on any wall i dont see the temporary dimensions to edit the walll location
  9. PLEASE HELP !!! When i drag a wall the dimension use to show as i was dragging it I see it shows on the very bottom of the screen but not along the wall as i drag it When i draw 4 walls i will not even get an interior dimension to change the dimension of any wall
  10. I am looking for lateral deck connectors for a deck . I see the simpson strong tie but can not find specfic ( dtt1z ) ones that i know are in there catalouge. I had imported these into home pro 2018 ! any ideas on how to find them , or import them from home pro ?
  11. anyone using macfee with windows10 ? It just corrupted my x9 version Of course they say it is chiefs fault !!! I uninstalled it then went to my digital locker & punched in the product key . Hope i didnt loose any library items
  12. If they are placed manuallay will they all show up the way i want them between the floor joists ?
  13. how can i show ( floor overview) & dimension ( left to right ) anchor bolts for the sill plate ? I want to place the anchor bolts so they do not effect the floor joist layout I purchased this great program so i could detail everything . Detailing has alot more advantages then just leaving it up to a sub to determine even a simple question !! I want everything as neat & precise as possible !! If a anchor bolt is installed i want them all the same exact dimension from the front & back of the sill plate . Because of this detail topic it also brings up other questions even to me , should i put one bolt closer to the rim joist & one closer to the interior of the wall ? This would compress the sill seal better . Someone even mentioned the sill plate joint , which i feel should be under a joist & a tight joint also . As these details are worked out they always make see other issues that can be overlooked , not to mention how they help me learn more tricks to this great program !!!! NEVER TRY & TEACH A PIG TO SING , IT WASTE YOUR TIME & ANNOYS THE PIG
  14. Thank you . is there a way to have the masonary shown on the outside of the wall ? I reall dont want to see the end of the beam exsposed
  15. I can not figure out how to make a cutout in a 10" wide c m u foundation wall I would like to show a steel plate with non shrinkable grout under the beam also .
  16. Can i change the order of layers ?? I want to have more layers under footings . I would like to add , footing forms , footing rebar & footing drains under the layer of footings
  17. Is there a way to import an exact model boiler to chief ? In my design i want to detail the boiler piping & zone valves . I want to show my plumber exactly how i want this area to look ! I can not find specific models of the componets i want , any idea how i would find them ??
  18. I would be going from home pro 2018 , to x6 full version . what libraries are not compatiable ,with x6 ? is azek one of them ? I am more of a novice & use the program occasioanly I want to do a final design of a home , I want to build .The extra pages libraries & layer options is a major advantage given the fact that i want everything detailed on different pages . On electrical sets I even want to show which joist bay the wires will be running in . Outlet placement will also be important for the wainescoating & tile ( wall framing detail ) layout ! Subs have a tendancy to do what they want the eaisest way for them ! The time & effort I will put into this final design should eliminate sloppy work & mistakes !!! I know homepro can achieve alot of this , however the full version is much easier to accomplish this !
  19. How much of a diffrence is there in x9 & x6 is i am also very concerned about the libraries
  20. I am interseted in buying it how can we talk further ? e mail me at crosscutter55 @ yahoo .com
  21. Does chief primere have the same EXACT windows that are in there book ( product guide ) ?? I want to save some steps . Page 62 of there product guide has specific dimensions for rough openings , glass & frame sizes . I would like to find a specific window , WDH 3040 click on that specfic window & put it in a wall without typing in all the rest of the info ,IS THAT POSSIBLE ??