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  1. POWER OUTAGE i see the file in the archive but cant retrieve it , it also says auto saved file a couple times !! Never had this before any suggestions
  2. Yes I do have all these lots plotted on a 13 x 19 sheet , i might be able to trace over that plan
  3. I am hoping there is someway to create a small sub division in chief x10.The sub division is 120 2 acre lots . I need it so I can plot road & drainage areas for asphalt . This would also help to note lots that might require drainage pipes in front of existing & potential driveways.I would like to send thise to a 13x 19 layout sheet. This doesnt have to be 100% accurate I can write road dimensions on the plan
  4. been going in baby steps LOL i can get to that point it has been crazy where i see a greyed outline around certain edges & the dimension tool wont appear:( even wheni click on certain lines if i enter 7/8 it shows up at 1 "& then click on it it shows as 1"boy this is driving me nuts would anyone be able to do a phone call sometime ??
  5. I am using x10 how can i get a blank page 11x17 that i can edit the borders ? Please step by step
  6. Thanks Happy New year What are the best times to call ???
  7. Would anyone discuss some issues of chief over the phone ??
  8. Is this a square box and you are using the auto exterior tool ,for these ( outside of walls ) exterior dimensions ? Different dimension tools and settings ( defaults ) will effect how chief dimensions these items or componets in a plan . 6 1/8 sounds like a wall setting to me .Click on a wall, it will be highlighted, bottom of screen you will see an icon that looks like a door( open object tool )a new box will appear and a wall menu will show up with a wall type , to the right of that wall type you will see a button that says define, click that and you will get another menu which will tell you the types of materials that are making up that walls dimension . As you click on each item you can adjust the dimension of that material So try clicking on that wall - highlighted - open dialogue window / define / see if 6 1/8 shows up here
  9. There are so many ways of doing the same things in chief !! I Like your idea of drawing the basement on floor 1 I will give that a try , THANKS !! IS THERE ANY ISSUES WITH THE FLOOR # ? Can that be swapped from floor 1 to zero somehow ?? as i try all these diffrent approaches i learn more thanks again
  10. foundation measurements can be done from the exterior on an existing home & likewise with a first floor . This also can explain many interior layers added to a basement or 1st & second floor seems like asbuilt plans can become more accurate this way
  11. I know chief makes you draw the first floor first in x 10 . Exterior foundation dimensions to me seem to be alot more positive !! Is there a way to start from the foundation and have the first floor align with the foundation ?
  12. From what i had seen in the past marketing makes all these components a problem !!! The bosch is a very good tool but the disto by lecia is compatable with the software . Chief also has a program ( room planner ) that works very good with there software but it is used on an i pad . The steps get more & more involved , which defeats what we are trying to do because one company will not support the other !!!! with room planner you would use your bosch & draw it on your i pad seems like double work might as well bring a laptop . The lecia products in my opinion are really the best but pricey, for a 910 !! Sometimes time savers are costly ( marketing ) !!!! I use to use a stanley fat max when they first came out & used a cad matt which drew straight lines then entered it all at home !! All these items can get costly but most of all simplicity and ease of use is the ticket !! I am in the process now of upgrading some of these items . From the simple way it seems like the lecia disto would work okay ($100 ) but the other leicas will do alot more exterior measuring, again marketing takes over !!!
  13. Thanks for all the help !! Sometimes i stay away from chief for long periods of time & when i use it again it is another learning curve !! When i was using the wood stairs i didnt see anything that let me modify the stringers :( in that box related for the adjustments :( but when you go to different camera views it does show up .
  14. i can not see how to eliminate the stringers
  15. he means the old school way where architectural scaling was 1/8 " = 1'     1/4" = 1'  and engineering scales like is used on surveys 1" = 30 ' and so on 

  16. that video seems to help alot !!! However i do not see anywhere that they address the stringers on the left & right of the stairs
  17. I am using x10 full . Is there a way to modify the existing size of the concrete stairs in the library to match the dimensions i need , and if so how would i start
  18. I am using x10 full . Is there a way to modify the library concrete stairs to the dimensions i want ?, and if so how would i start
  19. are you still looking for help ??

    1. WilliamSC


       Yes  Need resume and experience level.

      thank you for your interest, I perform  fast track drafting services for Developer and investor (flipper as well) and now private clients

      i have more clients than I can handle to maintain a quality of the service and speed,  as remote part timer you be given a project to draft, on a as need basis,  the services includes bath and kitchen addition, first and second floor addition, entire send floor  addition and new construction  at this time preparing builder sets of documents 

      if interested contact me at

  20. can someone fix my foundation ? I am lost with even how to post the plan on this site ! If i can get it posted can someone fix it online ??
  21. I am using x 10 , I have to upgrade that on my profile . This is an existing layout that i have done , anyway of adjusting the mouldings to accept the new valance ??
  22. I have drawn a cabinet layout ,with a cabinet to the left & right of a window . I would like to add a valance between these 2 cabinets with same moldings on the 2 cabinets across the valance . I can get the valance in place but can not get the existing moldings to go across the new valance . any suggestions how to achieve this
  23. Yes That helps !! Tile layouts are pretty involved !!! Thank You