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  1. What is the best way to make floor tiles & define them ? I have tried numerous ways Can someone please list the best steps ???
  2. Boy & I thought it was just me not knowing the program !! I see you can see dimensions in plan view , but i also would love to bring an elevation view to a layout with all the dimensions , showing the height of the shower seat , pony wall height , wall cap , tile sizes , niches , & so on !!! All these details are the main reason i purchased the program !!! IN CONSTRUCTION A CHANGE ANYWHERE IS A CHANGE EVERYWHERE !!!!!
  3. Having problems with  tile layouts anyway you can help ?? I want the tile layouts to exact based on the acutal sizes of tiles . i want listtelo at a defined height 

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    2. SNestor


      Not ignoring you...just been giving some thought to how best to accomplish the task you are asking about.  I've never gone to the trouble of laying out individual tiles made from p-solids.  I'm not a tile installer and since there are thousands of tiles and always seems like a waste of time to me.  I gather if you are into design/build...and maybe bath and/or kitchen remodeling that this type of planning could be helpful. 

      One thing you need to realize is that if you use a p-solid as a "tile" will have to paint it with a texture.  If you want it to represent an exact tile from a specific will have to search the web and find a picture of that tile that you can use.  You may be able to download the image...or, you may have to use a screen capture tool to get the image you want.

      Maybe you can be more specific as to what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to design shower walls with specific tile layouts...using a custom tile that is not included in any of Chief's catalogs?

    3. crosscutter55


      getting tiles to work out by math is one of the issues .A 6 x 6 tile on a diagonal would measure 8 1/2" , if i use multi copy i would set it for 8 5/8 to allow for the grout joint & drag it across the area . left to right & up & down so my  diagonal dimensions would work out very close , I would call those tiles the field tiles .Then there would be perimeter tiles , say 4" x 24" the 4" dimension can be trimmed to meet the rooms widths left to right & up & down also. 

       using concentric jump has me stumped also for setting the permiter tiles . There are tiles from dale tile  in my library & also in chief  that  match my criteria , however the rainbow tool to adjust material definition is also giving me an issue . Again any help is greatly appreciated 

    4. SNestor


      I did a quick video...posted on your last post on Chief Talk.  Let me know if my answer is what you are looking for.  If'll have to provide a bit more detail...

  4. I would like to make floor & wall tiles from dale tile . I believe the best way is to start with a polyline solid , is that correct ? When i use the polyline solid & get the drop down menu which box should i check ? I am also having issues trying to adjust the way the tile shows up when i use the material definition tool , I want the tile to show up as a single tile 2 x 2 - 6 x 6 etc . with the grout joints in between those tiles . Any help is greatly appreciated
  5. Hi everyone i am using x10 premire I would like to create a floor tile layout for a bathroom . I would like to use a 6 x 6 tiles with a 1/8 " grout line , Which tool would work best for this ( multi copy or transform replicate ) can someone PLEASE post which tool & show that window with the settings ?? Does anyone have or know of videos doing a custom tile floor layout ? I want to use diffrent tiles for the borders & the feild tiles
  6. I want to create a 8" x 24" tile for a border on a bathroom floor . I have managed to get the sizing correct , however when i find the tile in the dale tile library i can not get the grout lines adjusted so it is a solid 8" x 24" tile . I have tried the material definition tool . Can someone please walk me through the settings for this :(
  7. How do go about adding a cabinet filler to a base cabinet on the right side of a cabinet
  8. I want to make an entrance door 36 " with 2 side lights i dont see anything in the libraries !! When i look at the therma tru library the side light shows up as a bi fold when i try an mull it to the door !! The doorways in the program show a unit i would like but it has a transome window on top please help
  10. Is there a way to show wall cabinet doors in an open position ?? I want to show the door in an open position for the placement of pendant lights ?
  11. try the painting tools/ click on the grain direction you want & click on that area you want the grain to change
  12. When i try and attach the file it says there is an error
  13. I have a raised ranch ,where the whole basement is exsposed . the second floor roof is a 5/12 pitch . On the basement level i would like to show a gable end facing the existing foundation . The second floor roof worked out fine but when i draw the roof on the basement level it goes up to the existing roof I cant figure out what i am doing wrong ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED
  14. draw 4 connected interior walls, click on the top tool bar tool for dimensions use interior dimension & drag that from wall to wall a dimension will appear click on the wall that will be highlighted , then the dimension a box will show up eneter your new wall dimension
  15. How do i start to make a mirror look more realistic then the grey finish i get
  16. what if you put them on a seperate layer , maybe name them manualy drawn piers
  17. is there a way to change the top & bottom balluster nailer to a 2x4 in the vertical postion 1 1/2 " thick , vertical dimension 3 1/2" I would like to do this with the deck railing tool if possible , or do i have to do this all manually
  19. After i draw my railing in plan view , is there a way to see that post location in plan view ? meaning i would like to see the railing with a solid color for the post around the top rail
  20. my kind of guys lmao !! Next week i will have a webnar on thsi please get your seats early as they are going fast lmfao
  22. WHERE do i start ??? how & where ?? Do I start with the all on set & hit copy or new ? Do i check or delete the layers before i copy or hit new ?
  23. can i add a layout page just for DECKS & only have specfic LAYERS in it like deck framing / joists / ledgar/ blocking / beams & so on, and not have all the items in the all on set & if so how would i start to achieve this