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  1. i have been designing and building custom homes for 30 years. I have also built numerous architect-designed homes. I enjoy drawing floor plans by hand with a pencil and T-square. Once the floor plans are resolved and dimensioned, I typically engage a CAD draftsman to create the construction documents. I purchased Chief last year and after working with the software for a while could create a simple set of plans. However, i realized that it would take me a long time working with the software to be able to take them to the level of detail that I want to achi
  2. appreciate your help i've got to run out now, all the best and thanks again.
  3. thanks for the reply. i've done one small plan and didn't have a problem. it's adding 6 1/8" in both directions, when i zoom in, it's measuring framing and not the lap siding (which wouldn't add up to 3+" either.... i purchased the intermediate seminar and am following it.... thanks again
  4. Hi, just getting started with Chief. I'm drawing my first floorplan. Once the perimeter of the plan is enclosed, Chief add 6 1/8" to the width and depth of the building. I'm at a loss to understand why...any thoughts on why it's doing this? thanks!
  5. Just getting started with this software. The video for default settings has a "Room" call out which is shown just after "Roads, Sidewalks...." The "Rooms" call out is missing in my software. Can anyone advise how to turn this on? Thanks