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  1. Nice find on the Attic wall issue Steve. But that did not fix the soffit issue sticking through the roof. Here is what I found: Chief has come a long way but once in a while we still need to initiate a workaround. Thanks Dan
  2. Hello! I live in the west metro area of the Twin Cities and I'm looking for a licensed building engineer to help me finalize my home renovation plans. I have Home Designer and would like to work with someone who has Chief Architect software and expertise. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  3. Hi Fellow Chief Architect Users I'm super excited to let you know about a new live training class in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. On March 3 and 4 I'll be doing a Chief Architect Intermediate class. You can get all if info for the class here: Please let me know if you have any questions Dan Baumann
  4. Hi Fellow Chief Architect Users Join our Minnesota, Chief Architect and Design Build Professionals user group in the Twin Cities, MN You can get all of the information for each meeting at our Meetup page. The meetings are free and everyone is welcome to attend. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Dan Baumann
  5. Boy does this bring back memories! Back in the day, think 386 and Chief V3. (Not X3 the one that came after 2, you know 3) I had the pleasure of using Chief on a Pen/Tablet.. I setup a tripod with a plywood tray and measured my As-Built's with this. It worked great, other than I could never figure out a good solution to do dimensions and text without a keyboard. I even tried Dragon Speech to Text. No go. Over the years, I've tried pen tablets. They work great but for me I can draw a lot faster with a mouse. It is much more intuitive and it takes a lot less Arm and Hand movement that a pad and stylus. And to do text and Dimensions I still have to go to the keyboard. I've tried touch screens with a finger and gave up after a couple of minutes. If you can get a stylus it may work okay. Give it a try. i'd love to hear if you have better luck than I did with non mouse technology Dan
  6. I've tried copying already installed libraries and tend to have problems. When you download the libraries onto your computer they are saved in the "Downloads" folder (or where ever you had them downloaded) If you copy all of them onto a flash disk of over a network you can highlight about 10 libraries at a time and click run. It will install them one after the other with no interaction from you. When finished just update the libraries. Add new libraries to your saved downloads so you'll have them when you need to re-install. I've tried all sorts of ways to do it and this seems to work the best. Dan