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  1. Thanks David. Do you know if there is a way to get the 'Auto Dimension' feature to include the windows assigned to Level 1? Bill
  2. This is a single story plan with all ceilings attached to the shed roof. Monolithic foundation and no attic. There are two windows assigned to Level 1. One had a door below on level 0 and the other has a window below on level 0. All four items display in plan views (making an unrecognizable mess!) and only the Level 0 items are Auto Dimensiones. Is there a way to make Auto Dimension pick up the Level 1 windows, too?
  3. I had material display issues with my lattice and metal roof materials. Try removing the "Bump Map File" from the concrete. Go to your 'Plan Materials', find your concrete material and click 'Edit'. In the 'Define Material' window, select 'Texture'. Copy/Paste the current 'Bump Map File' somewhere convenient (i.e. Notepad, in case you want to put it back.) Delete the 'Bump Map File'. If that was the problem, the tea pot in the material display window should display properly.
  4. You could change your Default Layout Text to a font that is all caps: i.e. COPPERPLATE GOTHIC BOLD.
  5. There is absolutely no difference in my 3D "PREVIEW" and "FINAL VIEW" and "FINAL VIEW with Shadows". There is no difference in the model's detail and shadows are Always displayed. Where do I go to turn shadows OFF in the 3D "PREVIEW" and "FINAL VIEW"? X8
  6. X8 Premium The edit wall indicators for the start and end of a wall are turned off. Where do I go to turn them on?
  7. Example with "RTS" in light fixture names uplaoded Warden 0715-x7 --RTS in light fixture names.plan
  8. Can anyone explain why the term "RTS" (Remote Test Station?) is included in the name of so many of the lighting fixtures?
  9. Do you know how I can get a new, clean, 'Master' X7 Profile.plan? I have messed mine up somewhere along the way.
  10. I recently discovered that Chief's room area calculations are not correct if, at any time in your plan, you changed any room's "Include in Living Area" selection from it's default setting. For instance, if you change an Open Below area's DEFAULT "Do not include in living area" to "Include it in the Living Area", some of the room area calculations in your plan will no longer be correct. Changing that room selection back to the default will not fix the calculations. This appears to hold true for X7 & X6 (I haven't checked it in any other versions) and may only affect the Garage area calculations. Chief is aware of this, but in the meantime, does anyone know of a way to get a polyline's area to automatically display? Chief room area calculations incorrect.plan
  11. Mark, I use a free Android app called 'MightyText' to capture all of my text messages and display them in my desktop browser. Much quicker to create text messages using a full keyboard or copy/paste to the text message window. They offer a Pro version that will integrate your Text messages with your email. (You can send/receive text messages from your email account.) This may, in effect, integrate your text messages into your PM system...? FYI: I use a program called CompanionLink to sync my Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memo(notes) to my phone, tablet and PC. Syncing is done through their free cloud service, so there are no subscriptions required.
  12. I like to keep the electrical labels on while I'm placing them so I can see what's what. After selecting an electrical tool, I group select all electrical and change the offset. It's more readable, but not a great solution. On the layout I turn them off and use the Schedule for ID. Did CA address this in X7?
  13. To clarify my question, I'm referring to a disclaimer like the one that is shown on page 1225 of the Chief Architect X6 Reference Manual: "The Materials List is based on certain assumptions that may not match your building style. Chief Architect makes no representation as to the accuracy or reliability of the Materials List generated by Chief Architect. Always compare the Materials List with a manual take-off before providing a quote or ordering materials for a job."