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  1. That looks soooo much better! Anyway you can show me how you did that or share the plan again?
  2. ive gone through all the ceiling planes, i cant find it
  3. Hello, went to bed 2 days ago after working on this plan for like ever, anyway when I went to bed all was fine no symbol but when i opened it up the next day the caution warning symbol raised its ugly head. I have taken cross sectional views of this section and I cant find my mistake. I am attaching the plan. Be gentle and don't shred me, I'm new at this. I'm not in love with the varying roof heights on what should be a straight forward roof either but it took me a long time to get this far with it. This is an original plan so yeah I've had to work through what it was supposed to look like and the learning curve has been quite steep to this point, Any help would be AMAZING! Thanks Ok just kidding my file size is now at 80 meg so I cant upload it. Any Suggestions?
  4. I am totally new so, I have tried all three solutions to the problem and a few more like I shared previously before i would even break down and ask. One reason I do that isn't pride related as much as it is i feel like i personally learn more during the struggle. Anyhow I have found advantages to all 3 being far more simplistic than my initial all nighter approach. Thanks to everyone for your help, the constant feedback and follow-ups and especially for sharing your files as I find it easier to establish a context with the solutions you provided in tact, then go and back track myself to try and teach myself a new approach. I have stumbled upon several aspects in chief that frankly seem to be difficult to understand( like plinth block...there's a check box in the dialog box but no way to apply them and they don't seem to work through "room" mode...) but I'm invested now so ill press on. Thanks again for being so generous with your time and effort. I totally did not expect that level of response and again, its greatly appreciated!
  5. Lol I am a newbie. I am learning just not as fast as i would like, She is wanting wallcovering at the top of the wall, so can you have 2 on the same wall? one for the wainscot backing and one for the wallpaper? Thanks for the prompt reply's.