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  1. Thanks Dermot, I have searched it somewhat, but that narrows it down to where I might find the key, thanks so much... will post if I find it.
  2. My version of Microstation is from the same era... as I said in the original post, I may be a dinosaur, but I used to be able to import things and can't remember how. I drew the trusses myself. I am using what used to be compatible software on the same computer it all used to work on. For what you call 13 year old software, it is still pretty effective at doing what it was designed to do. I figured I would catch some slack, I added my bio in my profile but for some reason that doesn't show up here either. I was a design/builder for 40 years, retired and now full time DJ for weddings clubs and
  3. I thought there was an import for blocks, but no...
  4. I am a dinosaur trying to get back in to design with my old version of CA 10 full. I am designing a building with a partial open beam scissor truss that I have drawn in Microstation (pic #1). I am trying to import the truss so it will show up in my rendered views (pic#2). I drew the straight horizontal ceiling beams for the dining room in Chief with slabs. The Living room beyond is where the scissor beam trusses go. Couldn't figure out how to draw them in Chief 10 so I remembered doing such things in Microstation and importing them in the past, but I can't get the solids to show up. When I imp
  5. Thank you Lew, I will verify with whoever and CA, I value their hard work, and I am loving the new version. I will be upgrading after I generate enough business to justify it. here's a pic of my broken key :'(
  6. I have actually been watching the new tutorials and the capability is as amazing as I knew it would be. I haven't downloaded it yet because I have been building my recording studio up for this covid transition, so the software that I have loaded on the computer I need for this is overloaded with sound and video software. I was hoping to do cad on my old computer until I could afford to upgrade everything. I don't even know if there is a market for my cad services beyond the 2 jobs I have ready to do... so that is my dilemma. Watching the tutorials has been very helpful in knowing the core part
  7. I am looking at that as an option, but if I do 2 projects over 2 months, $400 would be better spent toward buying the software again. I am a long haul type of guy, renting is a waste of money. Plus if you rent to buy it, you have to do it consecutively and the software costs $4000 instead of $2200. Then I also have to figure out how to convert all my templates and shortcuts, and learn a new piece of software while trying to do good and fast service to my customer. When I upgraded before it was never cold turkey, i had a backup previous version so I could professionally perform my job for my cu
  8. No you misunderstand completely. I asked to purchase a physical key to a program that I already own. I am willing to pay for the key, if you look in historical posts people were allowed to give or sell their keys that they were no longer using. I am a loyal Chief customer from the past and i do not believe in piracy, nor will i get in any agreement to do so. Chief has just lost the ability to make the software that I paid $2200 for work without the physical key that is needed to open it. I will eventually upgrade to the new version when i can afford to do so. Support is willing to help, just u
  9. Hi everyone, I have been out of the loop for a while, so I apologize for going archaic A few years ago, I broke my CA key and at the time I was told by Support that I should put the program on a computer where it would reside forever and they would do a one time password to unlock it on that computer for a fee. The project that I was working on did not move forward so I stupidly did nothing. I was a Design/Builder for 40 years retired to my DJ service. Now fast forward to Covid times and I have a couple projects that I could do to make a few bucks, where my DJ business is still shut
  10. No problem... To be sure... It's actually CA 10 full... I miss typed in my last message. Thanks for looking!
  11. Thanks so much... Moving is not fun... Enjoy your new place! I appreciate your messaging in... I will wait patiently, no worries!
  12. Mine is for Chief Architect 10a full, appreciate your efforts in advance!
  13. Hi everyone, its certainly been a while. I retired a few years ago and just offered to help my town design their new Public Safety building, only to realize my software key is broken. I heard that there may be some available out there so I am here asking... I wish I had the desire or need to upgrade, really like the new features added. CA is a great solution and I did very well with it back in the day. thanks for your time Ed