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  1. Fancy that? I started x15 in Windows Safe Mode and encountered the error as attached, I selected okay a half dozen times and managed to start and save a blank project. I rebooted in regular mode and presto, we're good to go.
  2. X15 - critical stall, I had a client over and moved X15 to the screen nearest him, and the program went into a spinning wheel of the dome, never to return. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall without luck. Upon startup, it goes into the spinning wheel of doom. X14 still functions as expected. I did use X15 for the last few days without incident. I'll contact support on Monday. Ron
  3. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, of course :-). Thanks Rob,
  4. Problem Solved Windows Task Manager Services Nahimic service Disable Thanks everyone and to David at Tech Support
  5. In acquiring my my new desktop with Win11 the Chief "Help" function does not respond. All other web functions work as expected. Has anyone experienced similar with an upgrade? I can't find a default browser setting to review. Thanks R,
  6. Thanks Rob but I'm not getting the same results. Mulled window / pass through in same location. And yes, what you show is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. Gene describes the issue as "it's as good as it gets".
  7. Rob, has anything come of this since 2020? I can't find a thing and tried the "no frame option" but that's a poor solution as you say. Thanks
  8. Test.plan?dl=0
  9. That's odd, a bare bones test file is 59 MBs - cannot post.
  10. Greetings, For many years I've simply tweaked things to make a situation like the attached work but decided to throw it out there. In doing my homework I've yet to find anything similar. Question, why do the fascia heights in the attached not line up? The file is a simply four wall house that I started for this purpose. I've struggled with similar for many years and made it work with custom values and tweaks. R
  11. I don't have a floor. As a test I simple drew a 10' wall, in elevation I made the height 10' = 100 square.
  12. In testing the area calculation I found a 10x10 exterior wall is reporting 111 sq. ft. I can't find any reference to mathematical adjustment from the original value, that should be 100 sq. ft. Thoughts? CA13
  13. I've been stuck on that phrase all week, it's like a jingle you can't get out of your head and you hum it everywhere and anywhere :-)
  14. Roland, I just had the same experience and no sooner did I find your post didn't I solve my problem :-) -- I have a return client from 2010 that wants to build the same house (with a few modifications) as the 2010 build burnt to the ground :-( -- so I make a couple of adjustments and proceed to ray-trace but the area under the entrance system comes out black,,,, -- I fiddled and messed with a number of settings without success BUT out of the blue I decided to start from scratch and use Chiefs Ray-trace Wizard, I enter all the same settings as I originally tried and presto, Bob's your uncle, it worked,,,,, -- So what setting was causing the black shadows? I have no idea :-) Give it a try if you haven't already... R,
  15. Eureka - I found the issue. In preparing a sample plan from a new template file for this discussion (a file free of my manipulation) I discovered that the issue has nothing to do with a stepped wall as I may have implied in my earlier post (or maybe I didn't). As you can see from the snapshot with the green siding the foundation wall is showing a gap the depth of the slab, the gap is the result of my pulling the concrete wall down under the terrain. This is when I realized it wasn't the result of an old template file I normally use but in clicking a couple of buttons here's what I found out: In X9 the Wall Specification - Structures tab the check box for "go through floors" is off. That has worked just fine for many Chief software releases, in X10 the Wall Specification - Structures tab the check box for "go through floors" is also off, sssssooooooo, I turn it on! and sure enough it works. (now I can use "align pony wall with main layer outside" as initially intended) So there are two ways to look at this issue, 1) that particular function didn't work correctly until now or 2) that particular function doesn't work correctly now :-) Either way, I'm good to go and I hope I saved someone else the headache of trying to figure out why there's a gap in the foundation wall.
  16. I have to get a plan out here asap, let me follow up on this tomorrow - it's 9:11 here so done for the day once I send an email out,,,, Thanks - tbc
  17. That said the only fix I could find is by changing the wall alignment (to align with outside edge) and that's skews my foundation from the main part of the building so not a good fix. I'd go as far as saying this is a bug. This also occurred in a new plan, mind you the new plan was from a template from X9. Let me try a brand new plan, Yep, just confirmed it's broken in a brand spaken new plan as well,,, not brought forward.
  18. Hi there, The attached says it all. In X9 the walkout pony walls are fine. In X10 not so much (and nothing at all was done to the plan from 9 to 10) as the slab is exposed through the wall. The pony wall is aligned by "Main Layer Outside" and again this works in X9. BUT, in X10 if I align walls by outside edge this gap goes away. I didn't see any other post on this issue but did give it a good look. Thoughts?
  19. I did some digging and found the thread that solved my problem. It turns out I was missing the DLL file and that corrected the problem. Keep in mind this was a Chief Upgrade from X8 to X9 issue. Take a look and see if it's similar you what your issue is Amaliya,,,, R,
  20. I had a lot of problems with my old computer, so I gave it to my sister and bought a new one :-) Is this the error you're getting Amaliya?
  21. I find the 3D view issue very painful and concerning. I only have a couple of files converted to X10 and may just go back and use X9.
  22. Thanks a bunch, that's perfect!!! (and noted for future reference). R,
  23. It's been so long since that I've looked for a "unique" symbol I forget where to find such a beast. I need a commercial size garbage bin to go in the parking lot of a small apartment building. Was it google symbols or similar where I find "unique" items? Thanks Ron