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  1. Hi all, out of the blue, my textures are not showing up on my 3D views (X-12). No folders, paths etc were changed, altered etc. Patterns show up, but no associated textures. Has me stymied, any suggestions? TIA
  2. Yes Solver like that. V-12 been a user since the early days, just never needed this but a contractor is asking for the Schedule in Feet and Inches. Thanks. Tony
  3. How do I change the Window and Door Dimensions in their Schedules from Inches to Feet and Inches? Thanks all.
  4. Hi all, Tony here. I am looking for experienced builders/designers opinions on a builders recent reframing of openings in a house renovation I designed. I am very unhappy with what I see. This is a waterfront home in Connecticut, design wind speed of 110 mph with a large open plan and lots of glass. Without influencing the replies does anyone see anything wrong with these openings and/or reframing/closure of existing openings?
  5. I have rotated Room Labels for as long as I can remember (thats not that long) and yes I can select the Room Label and move it,but it will not rotate. This is a legacy plan that may have been reversed. I commonly rotate the labels in say a closet where the text can be wider than the room itself.
  6. Would someone be able to tell me why I cannot rotate the room labels only on a legacy plan from 8 using X-10? Other text and symbols etc rotate properly,tia. Tony T
  7. During Raytracing the time indication that used to show up on the bottom of the screen does not show up anymore in X, can someone tell me if there is a way to turn it on ?
  8. I am using 9 bc of the issue of lag time for redraws but am using X to finish a project and no longer do I see an option to turn off 3d MODEL, not Rebuild Ceilings and Floors, but to turn off the long refresh/redraw time i am experiencing of the 3 D model, has that been eliminated?
  9. Thanks every one,Mick too. I am begrudging using 9 and missing many new features of X . its working well but really like the watermark feature alone.
  10. I do not think it is my computer, as I have returned to using 9 with no problems; no lag at redraws, no crashes and lightning quick. I use Chief 10 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, pretty familiar with it. Seems like there are a few people experiencing similar issues. Can I go back and remove the Patch?
  11. Hi all, first off another gotta have upgrade for this long time user, as CA has consistently listened to and adjusted from input from its users unlike any software product I have used. Cheers to them. However, I have been experiencing appreciable lag time in redraws as well as crashes since I installed the patch: has any one else experienced this? Is there a way to uninstall the patch? Thanks.
  12. Yes was this Auto generated with Auto Detail, and it would be great if it could follow a cathedral to level ceiling, but right now I cannot figure how to auto detail insulation in the roof cavities alone,only floors and walls, thanks,
  13. Hi all, I did a topic search but came up empty, is there a setting I am missing to Auto Detail Insulation in roof cavities? Tony T