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  1. Over the weekend, I made my version of wall panelling using cabinets, like in @ReneRabbitt video posted on his youtube chanel. Based on that paneling I will work on creating other design with more details. Great element to have in my library. Thank you Rene

    wall panel room Rabbitt _adj set copie.png

  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on a iMac (retina 5k, 27-inches from 2017) that runs on Mojave (10.14.6) and I'm still using Chief Architect X10. Since everything works fine with this combination, I never felt the need to upgrade to more recent MAC operating system. But now, I feel like I should go forward with upgrading my OS since I will be 4 years of upgrades behind with the release of Mac OS Ventura later this autumn. So my big question is, will Chief Architect X10 keep working on those more recent OS? I know that I should upgrade CA too, but the money is just not there since the pandemic. To upgrade to CA 14, I would need to also buy a new iMac to run it... and both purchases together would probably come close to 10,000$, with the exchange rate since I live in Canada. So should I or shouldn't I, that IS the question.
  3. Thank you DavidJPotter for your answer/solution. I have started to copy all the Manufacturer folders into my User Folder/Manu. Then I will regroupe all the products together by type. Thank you also to Kbird1 for the information, it does make sense. Thank you robdyck, I was thinking exactly that, it would be great to be able to do that while still being able to do updates when needed.
  4. From CA X10, is it possible to group in folders all the products from the same category? As an example, putting in the same folder all the various brand of quarts for counter tops. All the faucets brands together, all the cabinetry together, and so on and so on for all the other manufacture catalogs. This would make it much more easier to find product and to look a brands that are less known to us. Maybe it is not possible in version 10, so is it possible in the newer version? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, Is it possible to create more then one new material at the time? I have in a folder filled with wood grain pictures (vertical & horizontal) and I would like to add them all to my library but doing it one by one will take forever... From what I see in the program, there doesn't seem to be a way yet. But I imagine or hope that someone found a way to do it. I must not be the first user who wants to do that to save time. Any idea everyone? Thank you.