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  1. Hey Alaskan_Son,

    You correctly called me out on the AutoCAD, I'm way out of my wheelhouse in that regard. I'm reaching out anyways as a fellow Alaskan and 17-year Kodiak resident. My engineer, the only local PE doing residential work, is also here in on the rock and means well but seems unable to instruct me on what he needs, perhaps just because he's never used Chief Architect.

    For context, I've had several builders offer to do the engineering for me and they use a pretty prolific guy in Palmer, but having the builder holding the plans is not the position I want to be going into in negotiating a contract.  So I'm out on a limb a little bit designing my own plans, right now seeking to get them stamped, and then will seek bids.

    I can see you're on this forum a lot and I'm guessing you probably know what I need to know so I'll propose two things (1) can you instruct me a little more on the export and/or (2) would have an engineer up there you'd recommend? 

    My floor plans are about 95% complete but before I smooth it out an finalize it, I want to make sure he and I can do a handoff.  He was going to give me an estimate for the engineering before we got started.  Thus, whatever I learn here must be replicated again, once he and I actually have an agreement.

    If you're able to help, we can either take it back on the forum for the benefit of posterity or figure it out over a phone call. 

    Best Regards,

    Kodiak, AK

    Home Designer Suite 2017