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  1. Hello Alaskan Son:

    I am looking for someone to spruce up a couple of plans I have I am super crunched for time.  I will be generous with my offering. The plans are done, they just need some love! NO working drawings, just renderings.

    I have 4 sets of plans that need simple modifications, drawings are fully produced. Please see attached plans, I need to have 2 sets of plans that equal to no more than 1780 sq ft heated (3bath,3bed) and 2 sets of plans that equal no more than 1967 heated (4bed, 3bath), no garages  The only things missing basically is full rendering, bushes, sidewalks, just the pretty stuff.  No interior renderings just exteriors and the basic floor plan cleaned up an labeled.3 Bedroom Tularosa.plan  Pinon.plan  BLUEWATER.plan  SALAZAR-A5.dwf

    Easy Christmas Money$$$, my boss will pay.  Im slammed with another project.  Deadline is Monday by 5:00 pm MST.   Questions:  Call: Claudia Clay @ 505.850.2706 and email: