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  1. Could you share the link? can always use more pat's
  2. With you on that one HumbleChief!
  3. So, Anyone else frustrated using the Glass shower walls to detail out gaps custom shower enclosures? So far i have found using half walls and polyline solids works the best for spec'ing and ordering custom shower glass and hardware.... Anyone have a better way?
  4. Not to thrilled about the update issue, I am gonna stay clear of windows 10 until it gets the bugs worked out.... #rememberwindowsvista....
  5. I have been using and beta testing room planner for about a year now, I am currently comparing it to a surface 3 pro for field use. I like it for the smaller kitchen and bath jobs, Saves me the trouble of redrawing in chief when i get back to the office. If you come up with a good system, its a great tool. There are some things it hasn't covered until recently, wall thickness is now in place, as well as better annotation tools. I like the system. But its still nice to have a paper and pencil handy if something strange shows up.
  6. See above, Also, you might have to remove the dimensions even though you have unchecked the box, I have found that does it when dealing with interior and ext. casings
  7. I have used the 7100i and the 810 from disto. Its awesome for as-builts when paired with a ipad and room planner. Small expense for a huge increase in productivity.
  8. Yeah, Another great add for Chief! Excited to use it!
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    Different Kitchens I have worked on, and ray traced.