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  1. Thanks Perry, that's what I was hoping to hear. Doesn't sound good though for my desktop machine which has an Nvidia dual display card. Hey-ho.
  2. Hi all, Apologies if I missed seeing anything on this, and I've spent the last couple of days looking through the posts and tech sections, but does anyone know for certain if CAX7 is going to run without hitch under Windows 10 ? The release date is within days, and I'm normally an early adopter, but it makes me nervous when there is no mention of the Windows 10 upgrade from CA. Again, if I missed it that's my fault, but if anyone has a definitive answer then I'm keen to know. Alan
  3. I want to say a big thank you to the Chief developers for fixing an annoying problem I've been experiencing with X7 and Intel HD onboard graphics on my laptop. My laptop has switchable graphics which includes an AMD High Performance card, and the graphics set-up was optimised for maximum battery life. When the laptop was running on battery it was set to use the Intel HD graphics, which although not that great, is acceptable if your not doing 3D renders. Prtoblem was that if I did do a 3D render, the system crashed out without allowing any changes to be saved- annoying to say the least. With the latest update of X7 this problem now appears to by fixed, and I'm delighted with the results and for the tenacity of the people at Chief to resolve this problem even though so few users appeared to be affected. Alan
  4. I was getting so many crashes with X7 that I've reverted to using X6 until the problem is fixed. Narrowed the crashes down to my dual graphics not switching correctly, but there may be an additional issue with X7 and the Intel HD graphics. Anyway, the development team have all my crash data. Also found that X7 was taking an age to load compared to X6. When it worked, it seemed to work fine, but the frequncy of crashes on my HP laptop makes it unusable.
  5. I just checked and X7 is not in my digital locker and I have current SSA. Should I just wait or contact Chief ?
  6. You don't want to turn them off individually because then you won't know what's turned-off and won't be able to turn them on again. Much better to be able to turn-off for selected wall-types or similar, and include under 'display options', me thinks. Anyway, I agree they can be annoying, so having some means to turn on/off selectively would be an improvement.
  7. I've certainly noticed that X6 takes much longer to start-up on both my laptop and my desktop compared to X5. I also find that panning around the plan takes longer. There's no doubt in my mind that X6 is slower than X5. Alan
  8. Glen, Thank you. I had forgetten that. I just tried it and it works. Alan
  9. Last night when I came across this problem using my laptop, I was trying to 'reflect' a sink unit. The edit menu/toolbar appears, no problem, but there isn't a 'reflect about object' button. I deleted the sink and got another copy from the library but it was no different. I must have spent about an hour trying to figure out what was going wrong. I opened X5 with the same plan and clicked on the sink unit and there was the 'reflect about object' button. Then back into X6 and it just isn't there. This morning I tried it on my desktop PC with a blank plan, using same sink unit (Sinks - Self-rimming - Double w/drainboard) and there is no 'reflect about object' button to select. I tried a different sink unit and same problem. Then I tried a 'garden' corner bath, and hey presto, the 'reflect about object' button is there. So my conclusion is, there's nothing wrong with my PC set-up and something has changed in X6 because I've always been able to reverse a sink unit in the past. Alan
  10. Where has the 'Reflect about Object' tool gone in X6 ? I used to use this tool quite a lot, for example to change a sink with a RHS drainer to LHS, or to reverse a corner bath to get the taps where I wanted them. Now I can't find it, or anything equivalent. Have I missed something. Has this useful tool been taken away ? Alan