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  1. StephenG

    Window Callouts

    Thanks Solver Thats only part of the issue I would like to show all similar windows with the same callout, ie, all 2-8 x 4-0 DH as A where A is a callout inside of a shaped border
  2. StephenG

    Window Callouts

    Is there any way to change the auto-generated window numbers that appear as callouts when you make a window schedule? I know you can choose to use a user-generated label instead, but I like the checks and balances of a callout for all similar windows, and the look of a shaped border. Unfortunately, can't figure out how to make that happen here. What I want to happen: all similar windows have a callout with a shape border that I can set, and which will appear in order in my schedule, and as the label on my elevations What is happening: Chief generates a callout which I cannot change. If I make a custom label, it shows only as text/no shape border. Any advice is appreciated thanks
  3. StephenG

    Local Users in Sudbury MA

    Hey, Western Mass Here
  4. Is there any way to import this as elevation data or just as markers and polylines
  5. StephenG

    Burned out my mouse...seriously...

    Well, I am an avid hot key user and settled on a great mouse so far. I went with a friends recommended mouse. I have a Utechsmart Gaming mouse. It has a "num pad" style key pad @ the thumb. Secondary software that allows you to program macros that match with key sequences that I would use on my left hand. Example, I used the series "m,c,i" for multi copy interval, now that is programmed to a single button on my mouse hand after a left click on an object and brings that menu right up. Pretty nice features for efficiency. It also allows me to establish 5 profiles that can swap out pending which software/or planning mode that i am in. So photoshop, and Windows have there own quick keys for tasks. I can change out mouse hot keys for Default, Framing, Plumbing, electrical... Its like having annotation sets for hotkeys. Works great for getting right into secondary tools. So far i have had very few issues other than adjusting to what is programmed so far.
  6. StephenG

    Room Planner

    The Viewer is pretty sweet!
  7. StephenG

    Print control by layer

    I looked at having "working" layer sets, but I would have to create a bunch, then have my annotation sets function correctly, and keep it maintained...#PIA. The other function this would serve would be collaboration. I have 4 people in my office, so if we could designate a layer in our plan files defaulted to design notes, we could then collaborate via that layer and never worry about printing the notes. It just seems like adding a control like this would be a great function. I spend enough time in emails, I would rather spend it adding designer notes to a plan, then send it John doe in finishes and the email will simply read "HERE IS THE PLAN, SEE NOTES FOR CHANGES, EMAIL/CALL FOR Q's"
  8. StephenG

    Print control by layer

    Yeah, It would be great for guide lines on a layout sheet, aligning elevations....etc.
  9. StephenG

    Print control by layer

    I am not sure about everyone, but I jump around from project to project...ALOT. I have a layer that is a "design notes" which i store notes and leaders about thoughts I have as the design process goes. As i jump from project to project, i have to turn this layer on and off, It would be nice to be able to toggle layers that will not be sent to the printer. So i can just leave it on and make the corrections as a go. Anyone have a way to make this work better? Should i move this post to the suggestions? I am sure this would be a good add for anyone using revision clouds as well. Thoughts?
  10. StephenG

    Burned out my mouse...seriously...

    I am looking at a few options, I had a 3 w/ the wheel, but i am a huge user of hotkeys and was looking at a few models meant for gaming that i could setup almost as a second keyboard on my right hand.
  11. StephenG

    Power Users Preventing Needed Changes in Chief

    Perry, So true, Knowing is half the battle...
  12. Ladies and Gent's I have finally worn down my old mouse, looking to get a new one. Anyone have any luck with programmable, multi button mice. if so, I would love some recommendations. Would be nice to attach some hotkeys to it if its possible.