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  1. Thank you so much!! Mark
  2. Thanks! Let me know if this is ok or do I need to send it another way. MarkBarnstable.pdf
  3. Anyone know how to flip ( mirror image) of a pdf? I imported a pdf plan and I tried several ways of flipping it. Nothing worked. Tools > Reverse Plan....Reflect....Transform...etc. Could not get it to flip. Any suggestions? Thanks. Mark X12 user.
  4. Anybody have symbols for surface mounted fluorescent lighting fixtures? X11 user. Thanks. Mark
  5. I'm right in the middle of this project so I don't want to upgrade now. When I'm done I will give it a go. I'm pretty much retired now so this will be my last upgrade. Now I'm only doing projects for family and friends. Been practicing Architecture for over 50 years. Its been a good ride but time to move on.
  6. Thanks, and I do have SSA. I did check my dimension defaults and they seem correct. I will look the the wall defaults. Anyway, tech support already has my plans regarding something else so it should be convenient for them to check things out. Thanks. Mark
  7. For some reason, manual or end to end dimensions are not displaying wall widths. I've checked everything and can't fond the reason. Any suggestions? Chief 11 user. Thanks. Mark
  8. I've paid for the x12 version but haven't downloaded it yet.
  9. I am getting a gap between the ceiling surface and the roof rafters at the gable ends. I once remembered having this problem but I can't remember the solution. Maybe having something to do with the sub fascias? Can someone help me? Chief X12 user. Thanks. Mark
  10. Eric, Is this what I ask my client to request or do I request it for them? Thanks. Mark p.s. my "client" is a family member & doing this pro bono.
  11. Hi All, It's been a few years since I used a client viewer. I see that there is now a 3D Client viewer but it looks much more complicated than I would like to send to my client. Furthermore, it doesn't seem to have some simple things I need to be displayed. For example, they need to see the room dimensions and room area displayed for each space- should be simple. I also want the client to see the regular floor plans displayed showing the various wall layers displayed. Am I missing something? I thought I would be able to send them the plan files that they could look at with the viewer. Please help. X11 user. Thanks. Mark
  12. Hi Guys, This is a bit off topic but I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I'm looking for some financial advice from someone who knows the Australian stock market on the ASX. I want to buy some some safe, dividend stocks or index funds there and have been trying unsuccessfully to get some advice. Can anyone out there help me? I can explain everything in greater detail. Thanks. I recall that in the past, I have seen a number of Aussies and Kiwis that are Chief users. Mark