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  1. Hi @Chris50, there is also a downloadable bonus catalog that has components to set up lockers. Use cabinets and doors to configure them however you like.
  2. @Renerabbitt (aka 'Trendsetter')... this is one of those issues we've battled for years, and apparently haven't won the war. If you happen to know the steps to reproduce, and can share your style template/plan before and after, we would really appreciate it! Support is the best way to get these examples directly to the engineering team to sort out.
  3. Thanks Rod! I've shared this information.
  4. Rene, This post sounds similar to your other post about layouts. At the risk of repeating myself, we would really appreciate your help in tracking this issue by logging a support ticket and sharing your files with steps to reproduce. The features don't sound as though they are behaving properly. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi Rene! This doesn't sound like it is functioning as designed. Could you share this example and a plan file with our Support Department? They should able to track the steps to reproduce and gather the necessary details to share with our development team. Thank you!
  6. I just learned about a feature that has probably been in the program for quite some time... thought I would share, in case others weren't aware. Did you know you can enter Pitch Values into the Allowed Angles dialog instead of needing to specify degrees? Simply type the value in this format: "4 in 12" Chief will convert to degrees for you.
  7. Hi Rene, Thanks for sharing this case, we would like to understand the steps to produce; contacting our support department with this scenario will be the best way toward finding a solution. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the post TGIVaughn. I'll make notes and share with our team. It does sound like this unexpected change in behavior could be unintentional on our end. Could you contact our support team with details, steps, and possibly examples so that they can create a support ticket to better understand the situation? Thanks!
  9. Hi Cheryl, There is one in the Osborn Wood Products catalog. Search "74755". There are also two generic options in the Core Catalogs under Architectural>Millwork>Corbels... they are called "Molding Inside Corner" and "Molding Outside Corner".