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  1. @glennw Sorry for the confusion. Like you noted, accessing the Create Orbital Walkthrough Path via 3D>Walkthroughs>Create Orbital Walkthrough Path is unavailable in plan view. However, you can also access the tool for a given camera by selecting the camera in a plan view. The tool is available in the camera's edit menu.
  2. In plan view, the Create Orbital Walkthrough Path tool is available in Perspective Full Overview's edit menu. The same steps @glennwenumerated should work for all perspective camera views, including the Perspective Full Overview, Perspective Floor Overview, and Perspective Framing Overview.
  3. One possibility is that the Import Drawing dialog is appearing on a secondary screen, possibly one that is no longer connected to your machine. This would give the appearance of Chief locking up or being frozen, when in reality, the dialog box just isn't visible. If that is the case, Edit > Preferences > Reset Options > Reset Dialog Sizes may solve the problem.