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  1. Gene, I do apprecitae your comments and perspective, but I guess I'd like to say we need to agree to disagree. I believe a lot of what we are discussing are Regional differences and personal preferences.... I've confirmed with both carpentry crews working for us today that the dimensioning methods I described above, our methods, are preferred by Them. As to your issue with 'Architects', I've noticed that most do not have field knowledge to help them draw plans that Field Crews can understand and use efficiently (I went through both an Architectural Technology program (ba
  2. These are all great questions, and yes, most of them are what we are considering. We are a large local builder that builds everything from Townhomes, Entry-level Production, Semi-custom to full-on Custom homes up to ~$2m+. We have a very small drafting department with very low turnover. Design Center does some, if not most of the finish details (depending on the product). There is little needs for cross-discipline work; generally our plan may go out once for use as backgrounds, but 95% of the work gets done in-house. We do need graphics, and hav
  3. I'm going through the the Quick Start stuff now, but clearly I have drawing/construction standards I need to meet. I am currently evaluating Chief Architect as a Potential product for our firm. I have a limited amount of time for that Evaluation. Currently we use an older Program called Cadvance which is essentially an Electronic Drawing Board. It lacks significant paramentric and 3D capabilities, however it's simple, fast and we have 35 years experience with it. We also are using Sketchup/Layout successfully, but we are considering alternate products now. (The attach
  4. Thanks Eric, I hadn't found that yet.
  5. So, I ran into another issue. When I try to start my Exterior walls, the system insists on snapping the framing to the Grid, though I'm trying to tell it to snap the outside of the sheathing. Again it's a local standard and I don't want to restart that conversation, that that isn't the right way to build. It's how its done here by a significant amount of firms and more importantly its how we have built for decades... It's our standard and I need the program to fit us, not us fit the program. I've gone in and edited my wall info but what should be dimensioned to
  6. I have framed myself also, and since I learned from Lead Carpenters, I followed what they taught me.
  7. I appreciate that, but that isn't how a framer marks walls here. (It seems I've struck a nerve with this subject, sorry for that and know what we do works here 'no problem'). btw - the bigger issue is guys marking a wall line and having a grunt stand the wall on the wrong side.
  8. Hey, I'm not here to change the world for anyone, just looking for what I need to make Chief Architect useful to us in our area. Yes, We've had over a dozen different framing crews do our work over the last 5 or 6 years (we've been in business since 1941, i chose not to look back farther) and all of them look for interior wall centers. I've been doing it this way since it was taught to me my first year of High School in 1972. (this isn't to say that if they were to work for another builder whose designer dimensions different that they would object. Our regular guys look f
  9. Yes, That's one place I came across... Thanks for the confirmation.
  10. Thanks for that, I actually run the Drafting department for a large regional builder (over $25m in sales last year alone). Interior wall centers is the standard around here. I did find a couple more spots to adjust how the Auto dimensioning works and want to thank everyone for the comments.
  11. Thanks again. I do not find a separate spot for those yet. Only the 1/4" etc standards... I'll keep looking
  12. Thanks, This may be true in different parts of the country and if the dimensioning went to the Framing, and not the face of any sheathing. Here in Minnesota, the Carpenters prefer interior wall centers.
  13. Thanks for the Help. I guess I could have been more specific. I've been using (various) CAD programs since 1977, so while I'm a newbie at Chief Architect, I am a seasoned CAD drafting professional and am well versed at working my way through software. -to Reiterate. We are using Automatic Dimensions. I have searched Help. I have watched the Chief Architect Quick Start Videos. I have gone through (what I consider to be) all of the preference dialog boxes and cannot find anything that allows the changing of the below items. I have fo
  14. I've already searched the database, help, and checked some of the videos. I haven't come across a solution yet. TIA
  15. Brand New user trying out the software. Trying to figure out where to change dimensioning as the defaults do not match our office standards. Ex. Interior walls con't get dimensioned to the Center line of the wall Interior walls do not get dimensioned from the face of the exterior wall etc.. I know most of this can be solved by changing the defaults, just have no clue where to find them.