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  1. My firm has structural standards that are normally done in AutoCAD. I want to be able to achieve them in chief architect. This is our section annotation. I was able to create the top but I need help on the triangle on the tail. Also, is there a way to change the appearance or display the structural framing members as a polyline in plan view and have them as original in 3D? We currently use polylines for our joists, headers, girders, beams, rafters, etc. with a 1" to 3" Global Line Width and either phantom, continuous, or dashed/hidden line types in AutoCAD. I want to be able to produce our structural drawings like in chief architect instead of going back in forth because I like the auto framing features in chief. Let me know if additional files are needed for clarity. Or if this is the wrong forum for this topic.
  2. SPSEngineering

    Roof Hole Cutting Off Gutters

    Ok, I'll try to do it next time. But I just deleted it and started over and figured a way to do it. I just did an auto floating dormer > exploded it > used line break on the main roof > modified the roof plane to meet the shed dormer and to go around the walls. Thanks again I will attach the file and the vector views next time!
  3. SPSEngineering

    Roof Hole Cutting Off Gutters

    Hi, I am trying to continue the exterior wall up to the dormer. When I exploded the auto dormer and extended the roofline it cuts off the gutter and eave boxes. I don't know if there is a better method for this or an easy fix, that's why I'm here. Thanks in advance.