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  1. @Charles @Perry, Thanks, one problem solved! Any hints for problem in images 3 & 4 ?
  2. David, Thanks for taking the time to look into my issue. The rafter poking down into the bathroom: yes, I can ignore it by turning off roof rafters in camera view, but I'm concerned that there is still a problem with that particular rafter; as I said in my original message "rafter that isn't cut as the adjoining rafters are" Image 2 shows different colors for the wall in PBR: interesting that you don't have the same issue with X14, maybe a driver issue on my part? But my gut feeling, as I've seen this before, is that CA is struggling to generate that view because it gets confused by some aspect of that wall. My main issue though is the one depicted by images 3 and 4 (south wall of bedroom over the garage with a blue wall).
  3. I've struggled for hours to figure what's wrong with a particular wall (plan attached). The attached images give a clue that something is wrong. Image 3 shows that the front to back wall doesn't meet the 90° front wall although it appears to do so in plan view (attic level). Image 2 shows different colors for the wall in PBR even though they are the same (CA is not happy about something for sure). Images 1 & 5 show a rafter that isn't cut as the adjoining rafters are. Image 4 is a PBR from the outside. Any help/hint would be appreciated. X13 short
  4. I imported the files, but here's what I get when right clicking: Only on those two.
  5. Would you say the high resolution grass in the bonus library could be a problem? How would one determine the resulting poly count when applying this material?
  6. Just as test, eliminate the backdrop with sunlight on.
  7. Same behavior in Standard view as well as PBR?
  8. Have you tried downloading it as a Collada .dae file which you could import into CA? Worked for me. See attached. Pool table (3DW).calibz
  9. Both phantom layers are + and show 'used in plan' as every other +. Where else can I go 'deeper down' to find the culprit(s) ?
  10. That was a long process to go through every default, but I did: nothing.
  11. Right. Both phantom layers are +. So just to be sure, I reset the layer names. No joy.
  12. That's basically what I did using Ctl-A then Del. Tried again with F6, just in case, empty workspace, still can't delete layer.
  13. I have a layer in a set for which I deleted all objects. I wanted to delete the layer, but the button is still greyed out. With only that layer visible, I tried Ctl-a and Del, but there appears to be a phantom object remaining in that layer. Is there any way to find out which objects are assigned to a layer?
  14. Too bad this thread got down to trying to fix the original OP's second post on a possible bug. I absolutely recognize the welcome additions to X14. But is it "one of the best version updates in a long time" as stated in another post? I guess it depends on the reasons you use CA. Personally, I use a lot of the visualization facilities of CA on my projects. With the announcement of X14, not one item on 3D rendering (except for a few walkthrough novelties). Do PBR and RTRT need love? That's my hate/wish.