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  1. Not the ideal solution, but have you tried 'optimizing' the resulting PDF from layout? Post that file and I'll see how much it can be reduced in size.
  2. How many times have any of us had to save to a previous version? It comes down to probability of use -vs- effort to implement.
  3. Depends how fancy you want to get, but look into Cyberlink's Power Director here.
  4. Very interested in replies as well. Really not obvious using strictly CA features. This is the best I've managed.
  5. For what it's worth, I have had two instances where I got the OP's message. Both times I thought it was time to reboot, just in case, only to see when I restarted that I had some pending Microsoft updates. Once restarted, those same plans let me open camera views without problem. So I suspect some updates temporarily interfere with programs that make heavy use of the video cards.
  6. For the balcony ramps, I struggled with your suggestion ... until I realized I also needed to uncheck this. Happiness now. Thanks!
  7. Hi Eric, Signature updated. The PDF was not meant to be, was aiming for the image of, but screwed up. BTW, thanks for always being here; do you ever sleep? Not sure I understand your suggestion. Increasing the 'wall width' will not shift the railing on the stairway or balcony base, which is what I'm after; and BTW, how to you get to that DBX for a staircase?. I may have missed the essence of your message, it is late, sorry.
  8. I have a balcony I need to reproduce where the railings (platform & stairs) need to be centered on the posts supporting the roof. See attached. I can offset the newels, but the railing won't follow. I can shift the railings but the balcony and stairs will shrink/expand (BTW, what's the use of offsetting newels?). I've looked at all the options, but dead end. I know I can 'fudge' this by 'constructing objects' to get the result, but should I need to do this? Simple solution? X12 9 Kay-2 front balcony.pdf
  9. A few months ago, I would have replied that there is nothing more dependable than a hard wired CAT5/6. That was before I personally experienced wireless 5Ghz at .4 GB/s from my cable/ethernet provider. I now have no problem accepting wireless connectivity ... within a house. Unless you have 4 simultaneous gaming teenagers, local wireless bandwidth should not be a problem with a .5 or 1 GB uplink to your provider. If you do have 4 simultaneous gaming teenagers, you'll probably need a 10GB/s uplink. But that is beyond what is needed in terms of connectivity within a house. I now